2019 Action Forum Agenda

Each year, the Action Forum offers a variety of different session formats. From classic text-based dialogues to interactive skill workshops, each session is designed to help participants reflect on their values and spur them into action. Most sessions will be small group dialogues of no more than 25 - 30 people each, much like the Aspen Institute's AGLN Fellowship experience.

Key Session Types:
  • Seminar Dialogues help leaders reflect on timeless ideas and values. Through text-based dialogue with expert moderators and accomplished peers, seminar participants expand their knowledge, refine their tools of intellectual analysis, test the wellsprings of their convictions, and enhance their capacities to think more creatively in solving the problems that confront society. You can download the 2019 readings here
  • Topical Dialogues are designed to allow participants to grapple with some of the most pressing tensions surrounding the theme of borders. In 2019, these dialogues have been redesigned to help participants dive deeper into a specific issue area. Each 3-hour session will be uniquely crafted to help participants understand these issues so that they can explore how to best step up, lead, and commit to making a difference.
  • Action Workshops are an integral part of the Action Forum experience. Each year there are three different types of workshops offered: Peer Consultancies, Group Collaborations, and Venture Skill Workshops. These sessions are often hands-on, interactive, and collaborative. They are designed to offer tangible lessons to challenge participants to think about the unique impact they can have. 
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