Seminar Dialogues 

Seminar Dialogues will allow you to engage in classic text-based dialogue with a cohort of Fellows from around the world. There will be three sessions over the course of the week. Each is 90 minutes and will be capped at 13 participants, with cohorts and their moderator staying together across all three sessions. Multiple times slots are available. During registration, you will be able to select a time that suits your schedule.

Please note that all participants must have their own desktop or laptop computer to use during each Seminar Dialogue. This is both to ensure the custom technology works on your device and to encourage you to fully participate in the seminar from a stationary location without distractions. Participants will not be able to use a tablet or mobile phone for the Seminar Dialogues.


Mainstage Plenaries and Breakout Dialogues 

Mainstage Plenaries will feature special guests and Fellows who will help us make sense of this time of uncertainty and figure out what comes next. Immediately following each session, you'll break out into a small group to discuss the topics and challenges presented in the plenary. Your group may focus on specific prompts from the presenter, calls to action sparked by a speaker, or engage in an open conversation for you to find deeper connection with fellow leaders.


AGLN Collaboratory 

The AGLN Collaboratory is an open virtual space where you can swap ideas, make connections, and find support. You'll have the opportunity to propose topics for discussion with other Fellows and we will work to support the resulting collaboration.


Mind-Body-Spirit Series in Partnership with the Skoll Foundation 

The Mind-Body-Spirit Series creates space for participants to pause, refresh, reflect, and move. Before each plenary session, we will offer a different activity to get active and build community!