Pitch Video Gallery

Below you'll find videos submitted by leaders hosting meet-ups on Agora with a quick explainer on what they're hoping to gather around. Watch and RSVP.



On how blockchain technologies can help communities reach carbon neutrality. Learn more and RSVP: https://agln.aspeninstitute.org/events/item/86/63

On inequities in a polarized society. Learn more and RSVP: https://agln.aspeninstitute.org/events/item/86/66

On Impact Accounting Learn more and RSVP: Coming Soon

On Equity in the Investment Sector Learn more and RSVP: https://agln.aspeninstitute.org/events/item/86/58

On Building Leaders Learn more and RSVP: https://agln.aspeninstitute.org/events/item/86/56

On Redefining Firearm Injury as a Public Health Problem Link to RSVP: https://agln.aspeninstitute.org/events/item/86/61

On Economic Development in Ferguson, Missouri Link to RSVP: Coming Soon

On the Moonshot Conference: Future of Education Learn more and RSVP: https://agln.aspeninstitute.org/events/item/86/54

On Digital Health Equity Link to RSVP: Coming Soon

Thinking of hosting yourself?

You can submit your own 60-second video on your meet-up to the AGLN team and we'll add it to the gallery!

This video could also be used in your personal outreach to classmates and community members or posted to your own social media. Be sure to #Agora and #ActionForum in your posts so we can reshare.

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