Taking Action through Ventures

Each of the Fellows will undertake a Leadership Venture during the Fellowship period – a chance to put values into action and leverage their strengths and existing platforms. In designing and implementing a venture, Fellows will apply the sorts of leadership principles and practices they studied together around the seminar table. A venture is a risky or daring undertaking or journey. In finance, risk and reward balances are constantly considered, but for this venture, they are encouraged to be bold. This is an opportunity to bring a fresh approach to a problem they see in their company, community or region as it relates to their area of finance. The ideal venture will motivate Fellows, stretch them, have a meaningful impact on society via finance, and be something significant in their life. The following chart highlights areas of focus that the current Fellows have surfaced. Please refer to the Fellowship's FAQs or the Program Description for more questions on the leadership venture. A few Fellows from the 2016 and 2017 classes share their experiences with the venture process in these videos.