• TEACH South Africa

    Recruiting, training, and supporting recent graduates to teach in South Africa's most disadvantaged schools

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  • Araku Originals Limited

    Changing the economics of coffee farms in the Araku Valley of India by harnessing the power of niche global markets

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  • Nutrivida

    Producing and distributing products to fight subpar nutrition and malnutrition in Central America

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  • Ocean Plastics

    Pioneering a supply chain and technique for recycling and producing new plastic from the garbage in the ocean

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The Aspen Global Leadership Network is comprised of nearly 2000 entrepreneurial leaders from 48 countries with a focus on values and with sights on creating a better world.

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Fellows are mobilizing their energies, skills and the resources at their disposal to address the foremost social and economic challenges around the world in a variety of sectors.

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Basic Function: The Deputy Director works with the EVP for Leadership and Seminars to ensure the smooth and professional operation of the Institute’s growing...

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The Aspen Institute’s New Voices Fellowship is a year-long media skills, communication and leadership program designed for standout development professionals...

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The Social Venture Fund (SVF) at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business is now accepting business plans for our 2014-2015 investment round. We...

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