We are currently reviewing nominations for the 3rd Class of Health Innovator Fellows

The formal Fellowship program for the 3rd class of Fellows will run from November 2017 to June 2019, with specific seminar dates as follows:

Seminar 1 The Challenge of Leadership, Nov. 14-19, 2017 (Aspen, CO)
Seminar 2 The Aspen Seminar; various dates between March and June 2018 (Wye, MD or Aspen, CO)
Seminar 3 – Values in Tension in Health Care, Sept. 30-Oct. 5, 2018 (Greenville, SC)
Seminar 4 The Promise of Leadership, June 2019 (Aspen, CO)

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The goal of the Health Innovators Fellowship is to strengthen the leadership of innovators across the United States health care ecosystem, and to connect, inspire, and challenge these leaders to create new approaches to improve the health and well-being of Americans. Health Innovator Fellows are proven, highly successful entrepreneurs and innovators in the U.S. health care field who have reached a point in their lives and careers when they are ready to use their skills and experiences to “paint on a broader canvas.” Using the time-tested method of text-based dialogue and building upon the Aspen Institute’s commitment to values-based, action-oriented leadership, the Fellowship offers health leaders a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from a diverse group of peers with whom they would not ordinarily interact while they undertake a personal journey that allows them to reflect on how they can have an even greater positive impact on U.S. health care.

The Health Innovators Fellowship is generously funded by the Greenville Health System, South Carolina’s largest not-for-profit healthcare system and an advocate for healthy living initiatives across the state.



Frequently Asked Questions about the Health Innovators Fellowship
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Each class consists of 20 Fellows who participate in four seminars of 5 to 7 days each, directed by experienced Aspen Institute-certified instructors. Fellows commit to attending all four seminars in their entirety, for a total of approximately 26 days of seminar meetings. The Fellowship is advised by a six-member Board of Overseers.

Each Health Innovator Fellow must also commit to designing and launching a leadership venture of his or her own choosing. This initiative mobilizes Fellows’ energies, skills, and resources to address pressing US health care challenges. The leadership venture requirement is integral to the Fellowship experience.

Becoming a Fellow

Fellows must be nominated by a third party and selected by the Aspen Institute to participate in the program. Fellows come from a variety of industries and sectors – including medicine, health insurance, pharmaceuticals, the life sciences, medical technology, biotechnology, mental and behavioral health, government, public health, health care facilities and systems, medical equipment and supplies, health care venture capital, veterans’ health, and more.

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Important information about becoming a fellow including nomination procedures, candidate criteria, and the selection process.
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