The Aspen Global Leadership Network

The Aspen Global Leadership Network is a growing, worldwide community of high integrity, entrepreneurial leaders from business, government and the nonprofit sector. Because of their demonstrated leadership accomplishments and abilities, they have been selected to be part of one of 14 geographic or sector-specific Fellowships around the world. The network is comprised of more than 2,500 Fellows from over 50 countries with a focus on values and with sights on creating a better world.

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Entrepreneurial Leaders

Fellows in the Aspen Global Leadership Network have already achieved a great deal of personal success. They have reached an inflection point in their lives and careers where they would like to “paint on a broader canvas” as leaders and could benefit from an opportunity to think through how to do that with a diverse group of peers with whom they would not ordinarily interact. We help move them from success to significance. 

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Values Based Seminars

Aspen Institute seminars help leaders reflect on timeless ideas and values. Through text-based dialogue with expert moderators and accomplished peers, seminar participants expand their knowledge, refine their tools of intellectual analysis, test the wellsprings of their convictions, and enhance their capacities to think more creatively in solving the problems that confront society.

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High Impact Ventures

Being part of the Aspen Global Leadership Network means taking action on some of the world's most pressing challenges. Here's how Fellows have made an impact.


Stepping Up

Fellows enter the program having demonstrated a great deal of personal success and leave it inspired to to make a greater mark on their communities and the world. 

Meaningful Collaboration

The Network connects Fellows through seminars like the Leading in an Era of Globalization series and the annual Resnick Aspen Action Forum so that they can learn from, collaborate with, and support one another.

High-Impact Ventures

As part of the Fellowship, each Fellow brings their talents and energy to bear on a pressing societal challenge by launching a new venture. With over 1,200 active ventures, Fellows are making significant strides on some of the most intractable problems facing our world today. 

Lifelong Engagement

Once a Fellow, always a Fellow. Leaders in our network benefit from a lifetime Fellowship and support from their peers. From alumni seminars, to ongoing support for Fellowship Ventures, to our flagship annual event - the Resnick Aspen Action Forum - we keep Fellows engaged in building the good society long after their Fellowships end. 

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