Action Pledge Update: Reimagining Conservation

From helping to heal deep divides between communities, to helping villages implement their own solutions to manage their shared resources, Fellows in the Aspen Global Leadership network are reshaping what it means to fight for environmental justice. Learn about the progress these Fellows have made on their Aspen Action Pledges. 
Rodel Fellow Jason Atkinson produced a documentary that told the story of people and communities around the Klamath River Basin in Northern California and Oregon. He used it to provoke the White House into political action, which subsequently led to the completion of the largest conservation project in American history. Jason's venture facilitated a compromise between local farmers and Native Americans after years of tension, and it showed the power of local solutions to solve large-scale political problems.

Catto Fellow Brett Jenks is scaling up his efforts with Fish Forever to share sustainable conservation models that enable small scale fisheries replenish and maintain their fish stocks. Overfishing is a serious global problem that endangers the billion people who depend on fish to survive. Brett hopes that the adoption of these models will allow local populations in developing countries to work together to regulate their own fishing. By doing this, Brett's aim is to put 20% of coastal fisheries in several developing countries on a path to full recovery by 2020. His venture has already encouraged Belize to make nationwide changes to environmental policy, paving the path for long-term sustainability. Recently, his worked was recognized with the prestigeous Rose-Walters Prize for Environmental Activism
Posted by Matthew Filbert on Mar 17, 2017 12:32 PM America/Denver