Featured Art At The Action Forum: YellowWoods Art And The Spier Arts Trust

Art has always been a central component of the Action Forum. Visual art allows us to reflect on complex ideas in ways that the written word cannot. One of this year's featured art installations is the tile mosaics and paintings capturing “The Great Re-Set.” The installation is produced by YellowWoods Art, a venture launched by Africa Leadership Initiative - South Africa Fellows Adi Enthoven and Ralph Freese, and the Spier Arts Trust. It will be on display in the Doerr-Hosier building.
Works of the Spier Arts Trust

The Spier Arts Trust's academy offers a three-year full time employment-based training in mosaic and ceramic applied arts. Apprentices graduate as highly skilled journeymen, encouraged to practice their craft to ultimately achieve master craftsman status.
Below, Adi and Ralph, speak on the power of art and how the works thier trust has produced relate to the theme of "The Great Re-Set."

We are witnessing shifts in global political, social and economic systems that are unprecedented in recent decades. Most can scarcely remember a more uncertain time.
In South Africa, we have a ruling party at war with itself, systematic efforts to undermine the state and our democracy by a powerful and corrupt elite, and a severe fraying of the post-Apartheid social contract.

In this context, “The Great Re-Set” is indeed an apt theme for the Resnick Aspen Action Forum. The Re-Set requires us to think differently, to imagine ourselves in other’s shoes, to introspect deeply and challenge our most deeply held beliefs about ourselves and the world as we see it.

At the Spier Arts Trust we have a passionate belief that the creative arts has a unique and formidable ability to provoke the kind of reflection and “seeing” required by the “Great Re-Set”. The arts enable us to be moved beyond the confines of rational verbal exchange and to experience in profound emotional and spiritual dimensions.

We hope that the Action Forum enjoys and is moved in some way by the works that we have chosen to share.

— Adrian Enthoven and Ralph Freese
Trustees of Spier Arts Trust and Fellows of the African Leadership Initiative – South Africa

Posted by Matthew Filbert on Jun 21, 2017 4:43 PM America/Denver