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  • Aspen mountains
    2017 Resnick Aspen Action Forum Kicks Off
    Planning themes for this year’s Resnick Aspen Action Forum meant looking at the state of the world around us. Monumental shifts in politics, migration, trade, climate, and technology are happening in the blink of an eye. Global leaders have to keep up by recalibrating their worldviews while remaining committed to their core values. It's time for The ... more
    Kidd’s Insider Guide To Aspen: The Great Outdoors Edition
    They say people come to Aspen for the winters, but stay for the summers and it’s no surprise why. Aspen has some of the most scenic hikes in the country that allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Colorado. This guide will have three local’s favorites that will offer some perfect views of Aspen. 1. Smuggler Mountain – Level of Difficulty Easy: One of ... more
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    Kidd’s Insider Guide To Aspen: Kids Edition
    The Resnick Aspen Action Forum is getting closer and closer! This year we have over 75 participants in the Youth Camp, so this blog is a guide for family friendly activities in Aspen. But rest assured, adults will enjoy the advice below as well! The Aspen Recreation Center: If you want to take a break from the great outdoors, check out the Aspen Recreation ... more
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    Kidd’s Insider Guide To Aspen: Food Edition
    While the town of Aspen is a popular destination for global travelers, there approximately 6,000 people who call the town home year-round. For 18 years, I called the Roaring Fork Valley home, so I have developed an insider guide to the small mountain town. While most of the Action Forum will take place on the Aspen Institute’s campus, the town of Aspen ... more
  • Ripples
    Ripples Of Hope: Seeing The Action Forum's Impact
    It’s been five years since we first launched the Resnick Aspen Action Forum. The idea, from the start, was to provide an opportunity for high integrity, action-oriented leaders to come together and recommit to doing their part to build a better world.    Each element of the Action Forum is meticulously planned to help exercise Fellows’ muscles for ... more
  • Art at RAAF Blog Thumb
    Art And The Great Re-Set: Featured Art At The Action Forum
    Art has always been a central component of the Action Forum. Visual art allows us to reflect on complex ideas in ways that the written word cannot. This year, there will be three featured art installations:   “Working in America” from Project& , explores the authentic stories of people's daily lives and interactions in the American workforce to ... more
  • artiscool
    Featured Art At The Action Forum: YellowWoods Art And The Spier Arts Trust
    Art has always been a central component of the Action Forum. Visual art allows us to reflect on complex ideas in ways that the written word cannot. One of this year's featured art installations is the t ile mosaics and paintings capturing “The Great Re-Set.”  The installation is produced by YellowWoods Art , a venture launched by Africa Leadership ... more
  • Working in America Blog Thumb
    Art At The Action Forum: Working In America And The Great Re-Set
    “The future of everything is happening now,” and work – all work – is at the center. It is the thread that runs through us all and the social systems and contracts that we create, live by and guide us.   What does a retired oil field worker in North Dakota have in common with a professional escort in Florida or a tough as nails Olympic boxer in Flint, Michigan? ... more
  • jenthumb
    Action Forum Feature Film: Unrest
    The feature film for the 2017 Resick Aspen Action Forum is Unrest by Jennifer Brea. The film follows the story of Jennifer, who grapples with chronic fatigue syndrome, and her relationship with her husband, Henry Crown Fellow Omar Wasow . It is an exploration of the individual and familial Re-Sets that occur when we are faced with difficult challenges ... more
  • Impact Gap Blog post
    Mind The (Impact) Gaps At The Action Forum
    As entrepreneurs, you all know the rush of starting something new, of growing your next innovative idea, of being the founder of something you believe in.  But in the world of social change, we don’t just need more founders — we need more positive social impact. To really tackle those vexing issues, we need an understanding of the system, not just ... more
  • youthcamp
    Youth Camp: Sharing The Aspen Experience With Your Children
    The Youth Camp at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum offers the next generation’s leaders (intended for ages 12-18) an opportunity to share in the Fellowship experience. This experience includes readings-based seminar sessions facilitated by the Aspen Global Leadership Network’s Moderator Corps (and select guest moderators), a collaborative ... more
  • T&R PM blog thumb
    Action Pledge Update: T&R Committee Hiring A Project Manager
    Since the 2016 Resnick Aspen Action Forum, a group of leaders have been working behind the scenes to advance an Action Pledge intended to lead to a national process of Truth and Reconciliation in the United States. The effort has progressed in such a way that a project manager is necessary to keep the momentum moving forward. more
  • nike
    The 2017 RAAF Topical Dialogues
    Topical dialogues are created for participants, by participants. There are 3 rotations of interactive roundtable sessions with up to 12 session topics to select from. These dialogues are different from typical “panel” discussions: 3-4 featured speakers set the stage for a full dialogue with up to 25 participants. Each featured speaker has no more ... more
  • RAAF 2016 Thumb
    Wrapping Up The 2016 Resnick Aspen Action Forum
    The inaugural Resnick Aspen Action Forum carried on the tradition of moving leaders from thought to action. With the theme of “Leading Toward Justice,” Fellows were challenged to get proximate to injustice, change narratives, stay hopeful, and be willing to do uncomfortable things. With over 200 Action Pledges made, it was a powerful week full of ... more
  • city year 3
    Leading Toward Justice In Our Nation’s Schools
      By Sally Bachofer and Jim Balfanz   In July, we and 350 other attendees at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum, were fortunate to hear public-interest lawyer Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, talk powerfully about his experience with the U.S. criminal justice system. Bryan’s remarkable stories and ... more
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    Moving Youth from Thought to Action
    The Resnick Aspen Action Forum Youth Camp is designed to foster leadership through seminars and workshops with text-based discussions focused on the challenges and responsibilities that youth face as the next generation of leaders. Over four days, 65 young leaders, from 14 countries, identified issues in their surrounding communities and ... more
  • Tamsin Action Forum
    We meet every July as a cohort of AGLN fellows from all around the world to put thought into action. Yes, we read and we talk, we laugh and lament, we advise and support; but above all, we gather to push. To push ourselves and each other to use what resources we have to take action. The 2016 theme pressed the question home: what am I doing to lead towards justice? ... more
  • What does justice mean to you
    What Does Justice Mean To You?
      After four days of discussions, seminars, and workshops, 2016 Resnick Aspen Action Forum participants convened for a closing conversation on the path to justice. The discussion featured children who participated in the Action Forum’s Youth Camp, which challenged the attendees to come up with Action Pledges, goals to tackle social, economic, and ... more
  • How Can Business Leaders Do Good?
    How Can Business Leaders Do Good?
    Above, watch Lama Al Sulaiman, board member and business developer, Rolaco Holdings; Sheila Marcelo, founder, chairman and CEO,; Dee Poon, chief branding officer, Esquel Brands and Distribution; and Peter Reiling, executive vice president and trustee of the Aspen Institute; discuss the role business leaders play in social impact. It ... more
  • Bryan Stevenson
    Death Row Attorney Bryan Stevenson On 4 Ways To Fight Against Injustice
      During the welcome lunch on Day One of the Forum, participants listened to an impassioned speech from Equal Justice Initiative  Founder and Executive Director Bryan Stevenson  inspired by the Forum’s 2016 theme, “Leading Toward Justice.” Stevenson encouraged those in attendance to take action against the injustices in their communities, ... more