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  • Action Pledge Update: T&R Committee Hiring A Project Manager
    Since the 2016 Resnick Aspen Action Forum, a group of leaders have been working behind the scenes to advance an Action Pledge intended to lead to a national process of Truth and Reconciliation in the United States. The effort has progressed in such a way that a project manager is necessary to keep the momentum moving forward. more
  • The 2017 RAAF Topical Dialogues
    Topical dialogues are created for participants, by participants. There are 3 rotations of interactive roundtable sessions with up to 12 session topics to select from. These dialogues are different from typical “panel” discussions: 3-4 featured speakers set the stage for a full dialogue with up to 25 participants. Each featured speaker has no more ... more
  • Wrapping Up The 2016 Resnick Aspen Action Forum
    The inaugural Resnick Aspen Action Forum carried on the tradition of moving leaders from thought to action. With the theme of “Leading Toward Justice,” Fellows were challenged to get proximate to injustice, change narratives, stay hopeful, and be willing to do uncomfortable things. With over 200 Action Pledges made, it was a powerful week full of ... more
  • Leading Toward Justice In Our Nation’s Schools
      By Sally Bachofer and Jim Balfanz   In July, we and 350 other attendees at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum, were fortunate to hear public-interest lawyer Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, talk powerfully about his experience with the U.S. criminal justice system. Bryan’s remarkable stories and ... more
  • Moving Youth from Thought to Action
    The Resnick Aspen Action Forum Youth Camp is designed to foster leadership through seminars and workshops with text-based discussions focused on the challenges and responsibilities that youth face as the next generation of leaders. Over four days, 65 young leaders, from 14 countries, identified issues in their surrounding communities and ... more
    We meet every July as a cohort of AGLN fellows from all around the world to put thought into action. Yes, we read and we talk, we laugh and lament, we advise and support; but above all, we gather to push. To push ourselves and each other to use what resources we have to take action. The 2016 theme pressed the question home: what am I doing to lead towards justice? ... more
  • What Does Justice Mean To You?
      After four days of discussions, seminars, and workshops, 2016 Resnick Aspen Action Forum participants convened for a closing conversation on the path to justice. The discussion featured children who participated in the Action Forum’s Youth Camp, which challenged the attendees to come up with Action Pledges, goals to tackle social, economic, and ... more
  • How Can Business Leaders Do Good?
    Above, watch Lama Al Sulaiman, board member and business developer, Rolaco Holdings; Sheila Marcelo, founder, chairman and CEO,; Dee Poon, chief branding officer, Esquel Brands and Distribution; and Peter Reiling, executive vice president and trustee of the Aspen Institute; discuss the role business leaders play in social impact. It ... more
  • Death Row Attorney Bryan Stevenson On 4 Ways To Fight Against Injustice
      During the welcome lunch on Day One of the Forum, participants listened to an impassioned speech from Equal Justice Initiative  Founder and Executive Director Bryan Stevenson  inspired by the Forum’s 2016 theme, “Leading Toward Justice.” Stevenson encouraged those in attendance to take action against the injustices in their communities, ... more
  • Announcing The 2016 Laureates Of The John P. McNulty Prize
    Above, watch the announcement of the 2016 John P. McNulty Prize laureates. The Aspen Institute and Trustee Anne Welsh McNulty today announced the ninth annual group of John P. McNulty Prize Laureates, four extraordinary leaders who have brought the spirit of innovation and excellence of their diverse careers to bear on some of the most intractable ... more
  • Turning the Education System into a Battlefield for Justice
    Above: watch “Leading Toward Justice: Education” with Scott Bush, managing director, J.P. Morgan Asset Management; John Deasy, superintendent-in-residence, The Broad Center; Chadia El Meouchi Naoum, managing partner, Badri and Salim El Meouchi Law Firm; Manoj Kumar, founder and CEO, Naandi Foundation; moderated by Kim Smith, founder and CEO, ... more
  • Leading Toward Justice Around The Globe
    Above, watch AGLN Fellows Mukti Datta , managing director of Panchachuli Women Weavers ; Maria Pacheco , president and founder, Wakami ; John Wood , founder, Room to Read and Heather Sonn , managing director Gamiro Investments ; discuss how to empower women around the globe. On Monday, participants at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum took an in-depth ... more
  • Reflections On The 13th Amendment
    Above, watch Carlyle Group Co-Founder and Co-CEO David Rubenstein explain the history of the 13 th amendment. In a time rife with racial tensions and divisiveness in the US, discussions of the 13 th Amendment can often take on new meaning as we struggle to grapple with the past’s connection to the present. At the 2016 Resnick Aspen Action Forum , David ... more
  • Future Of Talent And Work
    We are pleased to announce that Dell, one of the sponsors of today's Future of Talent and Work Deep Dive , has just released  their Future Workforce Study , examining how people around the world feel about how technology is shaping the workplace. Check out some of the findings here  for a taste of what participants will be discussing all day and see the ... more
  • Moving From Idea To Prototype in Underserved Neighborhoods
    Henry Crown Fellow Di-Ann Eisnor is working to bridge the wealth gap in the US by partnering with her fellow Henry Crown Fellow Wasalu Jaco to found Neighborhood Start Fund, a microfund for innovation.  AGLN: What is the problem you are trying to address?  DE: The problem Neighborhood Start Fund is trying to solve is building onramps to ... more
  • "Seeing" a Better Future
    Henry Crown Fellow Jordan Kassalow is helping thousands across the world realize their full human potential through VisionSpring, an organization that provides affordable eyeglasses, and EYElliance, a partnership that improves accessibility to eye care via institutional reform.  AGLN: Why is improving vision important and what are you doing ... more
  • Unleashing The Entrepreneurial Spirit
    The entrepreneurial spirit is the cornerstone of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. The drive to take risks and lead one’s own enterprise is something all Fellows have in common. In this Action Pledge update , we share the stories of Fellows making an impact in underserved communities by enabling others to follow their own entrepreneurial ... more
  • Changing Hearts And Minds In India
    India Leadership Initiative Fellow Pallav Patankar is leading the effort to change the hearts and minds of politicians in his country around their views of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Through face-to-face meetings with elected officials, Pallav is helping to show the humanity of LGBT citizens.  AGLN: What is your Action Pledge ... more
  • Putting Power in the Hands of Teens
    Central America Leadership Initiative Fellow Leonor Gutierrez is empowering vulnerable youth to live their best lives through TeenSmart, an organization that provides online tools and support they need to make right decisions in difficult situations.   AGLN: What is your Action Pledge? LEONOR GUTIERREZ: My Action Pledge is to provide all Central ... more
  • Empowering Our Most Vulnerable Citizens
      What does it mean to "lead toward justice?" For some participants of the Resnick Aspen Action Forum , it means ensuring all people can live fulfilling lives.    Above, watch Central America Leadership Initiative Fellow Leonor Gutierrez as she provides vulnerable youth in Central America the tools they need to make good decisions, followed by India ... more