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2017 Resnick Aspen Action Forum




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  What is the Africa Impact Forum? Modelled on the Resnick Aspen Action Forum but designed specifically for the African context, the ALI Africa Impact Forum was initiated by the leadership of the Africa Leadership Initiative . This event brings together Fellows from ALI South Africa, ALI West Africa, ALI East Africa, ALI Mozambique, ALI Media, and the ... more
Posted by Shaquila Williams on AGLN Blog Sep 5, 2017 10:50 AM MDT
Growing up, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was greatly influenced by her mother. Not only did her mother teach her how to read and write, she also taught her how to form her own ideas independently. Now an associate justice of the Supreme Court, Ginsburg has established herself as both a free thinker and a fierce advocate for human rights. She joined the Resnick ... more
Posted by Philip Javellana on AGLN Blog Aug 3, 2017 8:19 AM MDT
Thomas Friedman says the world has entered an age of acceleration. Yet in spite of the many radical shifts he has witnessed, the author and New York Times columnist describes himself as an optimist. In the spirit of “The Great Re-set,” the theme of this year’s Resnick Aspen Action Forum, Friedman encouraged the audience to ignore the dizzying pace of the ... more
Posted by Philip Javellana on AGLN Blog Aug 2, 2017 8:32 AM MDT
Above, watch the announcement of the 2017 John P. McNulty Prize Laureates. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the John P. McNulty Prize , an award founded by Anne Welsh McNulty in honor of her late husband. When she created the Prize, Anne said she hoped “to remember John and honor his leadership and commitment to fostering opportunities for ... more
Posted by Philip Javellana on AGLN Blog Jul 30, 2017 9:09 AM MDT
Empowering women in the workplace is about more than ensuring diversity. As participants on the Resnick Aspen Action Forum ’s Gender Re-set panel explained Friday, there are tangible benefits to putting women in positions of power and making their voices heard — as well as real challenges to overcome in order to reach that goal.     “There are gender ... more
Posted by Philip Javellana on AGLN Blog Jul 29, 2017 7:10 PM MDT