Most sessions will be small group dialogues of no more than 25 - 30 people each, much like the Aspen Institute's AGLN Fellowship experience.

Seminar Dialogues

Seminar Dialogues use the Aspen Institute's classic text-based, moderated session format, help participants reflect on what they think mades a good society, thereby deepening knowledge, broadening perspectives, and enhancing their capacity to solve the problems leaders face.
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Topical Dialogues

Topical Dialogues are created for participants, by participants. There are 3 rotations of interactive roundtable sessions each offering up to 14 session topics to select from. These dialogues are different from typical “panel” discussions: featured individuals are there to set the stage for a full dialogue involving 25 participants. Each "Lead Discussant" has no more than 5 minutes to speak on the topic at hand, leaving a full hour for a wide ranging, highly interactive, moderated dialogue. 
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Workshop Dialogues

There are three workshop formats used at the Action Forum: Peer Consultancies, Group Collaborations, and Venture Skill Workshops. These sessions are often hands-on, interactive, and collaborative and are designed to offer tangible lessons to spur you to impact and action. 
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