Fellowships in the Aspen Global Leadership Network

All Aspen Global Leadership Network Fellowships are modeled after the Aspen Institute’s flagship values-based leadership program, the Henry Crown Fellowship. Each year, programs choose classes of 20-22 leaders to engage in a thought-provoking journey of personal exploration – to move beyond success to a place of growing significance in the world. Through the Aspen Institute's signature leadership seminars, Fellows are provided a forum for deep introspection and probing dialogue with a diverse cohort of trusted peers, while the required the leadership venture offers a way for Fellows to stretch their leadership in new ways in order to take action on a pressing societal challenge. 

Fellowships Housed at the Aspen Institute

Henry Crown Fellowship

Aspen's flagship Fellowship challenging entrepreneurial leaders, primarily in the U.S. business sector, to make a difference in the world.

China Fellowship Program

A Fellowship that aims to energize private sector business leaders in China.

Finance Leaders Fellowship 

A Fellowship developing enlightened leaders to chart the course of the global finance industry.

Health Innovators Fellowship

A Fellowship connecting innovators across the U.S. healthcare ecosystem.

Middle East Leadership Initiative 

A Fellowship for leaders across the Middle East to tackle important societal challenges facing their countries and region.

Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership

A Fellowship to strengthen U.S. democracy through thoughtful and civil bipartisan dialogue.

Fellowships Operated by External Partners 

Africa Leadership Initiative - East Africa, South Africa, West Africa

Three distinct Fellowships challenging emerging leaders in West Africa, East Africa, and South Africa.

Central America Leadership Initiative

A Fellowship bringing together leaders from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Panama.

Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellowship (formerly India Leadership Initiative) 

A Fellowship for leaders from across India to address challenges faced by the world’s largest democracy.

Liberty Fellowship

A Fellowship promoting outstanding leadership in South Carolina.

Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship

A Fellowship for leaders in education to hone their skills to improve U.S. public education.

Past programs include: Catto Fellowship, Africa Leadership Initiative - Mozambique, Aspen Teacher-Leaders Program, Nigeria Leadership Initiative-Senior Fellows Program