Fellowships in the Aspen Global Leadership Network

All Aspen Global Leadership Network Fellowships are modeled after the Aspen Institute’s flagship values-based leadership program, the Henry Crown Fellowship. Each year, programs choose classes of 20-22 leaders to engage in a thought-provoking journey of personal exploration – to move beyond success to a place of growing significance in the world. Through the Aspen Institute's signature leadership seminars, Fellows are provided a forum for deep introspection and probing dialogue with a diverse cohort of trusted peers, while the required the leadership venture offers a way for Fellows to stretch their leadership in new ways in order to take action on a pressing societal challenge. 

Fellowships Housed at the Aspen Institute

Henry Crown Fellowship

Aspen's flagship Fellowship challenging entrepreneurial leaders, primarily in the U.S. business sector, to make a difference in the world.

China Fellowship Program

A Fellowship that aims to energize private sector business leaders in China.

Finance Leaders Fellowship 

A Fellowship developing enlightened leaders to chart the course of the global finance industry.

Health Innovators Fellowship

A Fellowship connecting innovators across the U.S. healthcare ecosystem.

Middle East Leadership Initiative 

A Fellowship for leaders across the Middle East to tackle important societal challenges facing their countries and region.


Fellowships Operated by External Partners 

Africa Leadership Initiative - East Africa, South Africa, West Africa

Three distinct Fellowships challenging emerging leaders in West Africa, East Africa, and South Africa.

Central America Leadership Initiative

A Fellowship bringing together leaders from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Panama.

Civil Society Fellowship  

Preparing the next generation of community and civic leaders, activists and problem solvers from across the political spectrum. 

Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellowship (formerly India Leadership Initiative) 

A Fellowship for leaders from across India to address challenges faced by the world’s largest democracy.

Liberty Fellowship

A Fellowship promoting outstanding leadership in South Carolina.

Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship

A Fellowship for leaders in education to hone their skills to improve U.S. public education.

Past programs include: Catto Fellowship, Africa Leadership Initiative - Mozambique, Aspen Teacher-Leaders Program, Nigeria Leadership Initiative-Senior Fellows Program, Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership