The Aspen Institute's Leadership Committee


The Aspen Institute's Board of Trustees is made up of high-level individuals from the public and private sectors who have been elected by a majority of the membership of the board. The board is responsible for providing counsel to the President, as well as governance over the business, affairs, and property of the Aspen Institute. The board meets three times per year and its ten standing committees meet regularly to discuss, in depth, the key issues facing the organization. The Aspen Global Leadership Network is guided by the Board's Leadership Committee whose members are:

  • Mark Hoplamazian, Chair
  • Paul Anderson
  • Keith Berwick
  • Miguel Bezos
  • William D. Budinger
  • Troy Carter
  • Andrea Cunningham
  • Roger Ferguson
  • Elizabeth Fleming
  • Patrick Gross
  • Arjun Gupta
  • Michael Klein
  • William E. Mayer
  • Bonnie McCloskey
  • Anne Welsh McNulty
  • Chadia El Meouchi Naoum
  • Karlheinz Muhr
  • Lynda Resnick
  • William Resnick
  • Anna Deavere Smith
  • Christopher Varelas
  • Alice Young

Our Team


The Aspen Global Leadership Network is a division of the Aspen Institute. Based in Washington, DC with partners around the world running local Fellowships, our team is dedicated to supporting our Fellows in their journeys throughout their Fellowship experience and beyond.

Meet our Staff

Program Coordinator, Aspen Institute

Senior Program Associate, Aspen Institute

Program Associate, Aspen Institute

Executive Director, Health Innovators Fellowship, Aspen Institute

Central America Leadership Initiative
Vice President, Aspen Institute

Marketing Communications Coordinator, Aspen Institute

Senior Program Associate, Aspen Institute

Director, AGLN Programs & Operations, Aspen Institute

Executive Director, Africa Leadership Initiative - West Africa

Program Manager, Henry Crown Fellowship

Marketing and Communications Manager and Digital Producer, Aspen Institute

Assistant Director, Finance Leaders Fellowship, Aspen Institute

Senior Program Associate, Seminars, Henry Crown Fellowship Program, Aspen Institute

Director of Impact & Engagement, Henry Crown Fellowship

Africa Leadership Initiative - East Africa
Chair, Africa Leadership Initiative-East Africa Foundation

Program Manager, Sourcing & Fellow Selection, Aspen Institute

Africa Leadership Initiative - South Africa
Director, Africa Leadership Initiative - South Africa

Chief of Staff and Managing Director, Aspen Institute

Henry Crown Fellowship Program
Director, Patagonia

Middle East Leadership Initiative
Managing Director, Middle East Leadership Initiative (former), Aspen Institute

Managing Director, Aspen Institute

Henry Crown Fellowship Program
Managing Director, Civil Society Fellowship

Director, Marketing & Communications, Aspen Institute

Pahara Fellowship
Chief Executive Officer, The Pahara Institute

EVP, Aspen Institute

Seminars Manager, Liberty Fellowship

Liberty Fellowship
President & CEO, Liberty Fellowship

Vice President, Enterprise Development, Aspen Institute

Henry Crown Fellowship Program
Executive Director, Henry Crown Fellowship

Assistant Director, Leadership Division, Aspen Institute