We are improving public trust in the global finance industry  
through our Fellows' leadership.

Notice: We are increasingly hopeful that we will be able to announce the Aspen Finance Leaders Fellowship Class V in June 2021. At this time, we are only considering nominees who were nominated in 2020 or prior. New nominations will be accepted starting in January 2021 for Class VI.

The Aspen Institute's Finance Leaders Fellowship develops a community of enlightened leaders to chart the course of the global finance industry. Fellows strengthen their companies' cultures, look for ways to improve system stability, and innovate to ensure global financial inclusion.

Using the Aspen Institute method of text-based dialogue, building a strong community of Fellows, and leveraging the Institute's commitment to high-integrity, action-oriented leadership, the program inspires selected Finance Fellows to consider values and perspectives necessary for effective, enlightened leadership in financeand in society at-large. Fellows also undertake a leadership venture of their own, designed to challenge themselves and advance the role of finance in society. See a list of all the Finance Leaders Fellows here.

The Fellowship Experience:
  • Engages Fellows in a thought-provoking journey of personal exploration and understanding of what their definition of "the good society" is
  • Forges a global network of finance leaders deeply committed to each other and the betterment of society
  • Encourages Fellows to reflect on the historical importance of finance in well-functioning societies and current challenges in the sector, inspiring them to play an active role in shaping its future

Pillars of the Fellowship

Developing Leaders

The Finance Leaders Fellows attend a series of four seminars where they reflect on their own role and responsibility as leaders. In each seminar, they discuss different themes: challenges of leadership, their role in creating the “good society,” complexities of leading in the global community, and legacy through leadership ventures.

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Building Community

The Fellowship encourages a community where Fellows challenge and support one another for life. These Fellows include senior or executive leaders in the broad finance ecosystem, from savers and users, to intermediates and stewards of capital. Finance Leaders Fellows are also part of the larger Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN), a world-wide community of successful, high-integrity, entrepreneurial leaders committed to making the world a better place. 
Finance Leaders Community
AGLN Network

Taking Action

An integral part of the program is undertaking a Leadership Venture by each of the Fellows - a chance to put values into action. They aim to reconnect finance and society by charting the future course of the industry and using the power of their platforms in finance to address societal issues.

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Finance Leaders Fellowship News

  • Join Us On The Journey: Why Leadership Matters In The Global Finance Industry
    Join Us On The Journey: Why Leadership Matters In The Global Finance Industry
    CLICK HERE TO JOIN US ON THE JOURNEY  and discover why leadership matters in the global finance industry   We invite you to join us on the journey, first by following the inspiring stories of our Fellows and our community. Then, we hope you will consider how you can play a larger role in ensuring our proven program flourishes for the good of our global ... more
  • Announcing The 2019 Class Of The Finance Leaders Fellowship
    Announcing The 2019 Class Of The Finance Leaders Fellowship
    Twenty-two highly successful leaders ready to leverage their success and existing platforms to broaden their impact have been named to the 2019 class of the Finance Leaders Fellowship. Fellows across classes represent various sectors within the industry from around the world including FinTech, banking, asset management, debt and equity ... more
  • Read More On The Finance Leaders Fellowship In The Aspen Institute Ideas Magazine
    Read More On The Finance Leaders Fellowship In The Aspen Institute Ideas Magazine
    The Aspen Institute Ideas Magazine - December 2018 Issue "Smart Money"  December 15, 2018   In October 2018, the inaugural class of 22 Finance Leaders fellows completed the two-year active phase of the fellowship. Fellows hail from around the world and across the finance industry ecosystem, including financial services, pensions and endowments, ... more

The Fellowship

Fellows must be nominated by a third party and selected by the Aspen Institute to participate in the program. Each class will consist of 22 Fellows who will participate in four seminars of 5-7 days each under the guidance of the skilled moderators of the Institute. Fellows must commit to attending all 4 seminars in their entirety, for a total of approximately 26 days of seminar meetings. They also must commit to designing and launching a required leadership venture of their own design to advance the role of finance in society. The Fellows' participation will be without cost to them or their organizations, with the exception of their travel costs and any incidental expenses they incur. Limited financial assistance may be provided for travel on a case by case basis.

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Nomination Information

Ideal candidates are senior or executive business leaders in the broad finance ecosystem, from savers and users, to intermediates and stewards of capital. Learn more about becoming a candidate by reviewing the guidelines and watching videos of Fellows sharing their experiences.
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Are you a nominator or candidate with questions about the process? Read our FAQs. 
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Fellows in Program

About the Finance Leaders Fellowship

The 2007-2008 financial crisis that centered on the U.S. banking and credit sec¬tors led to devastating global economic and human dislocation and an erosion of societal trust in the finance industry. The negative societal outcomes from some of the industry’s unsustainable business practices leading up to the credit crisis highlighted the important role that the industry plays in society, in this case as a driver of instability. 

Yet over time, the finance industry has also been a force for good, providing many people a shot at prosperity, progress, and stability with its innovations such as pensions, mutual funds, savings accounts, mortgage credit and insur¬ance. This was the paradox that the Aspen Institute’s Henry Crown Fellow Ranji Nagaswami was contemplating when she founded the program with Christopher Varelas and the CFA Institute in 2016. 

The Fellowship’s founding executive director, Jennifer Simpson, built a strong foundation over the first five years. With 82 Fellows operating in 20 countries at the time of the program’s leadership succession, Fellows were committed to each other in service of making impact, were taking bold action to improve trust in the industry, and had begun to work collectively as a Fellowship on key societal issues leveraging the finance industry. 

CFA Institute

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Jennifer Vogt, Senior Program Manager
Jennifer Vogt is a senior program manager for the Aspen Finance Leaders Fellowship. Throughout her career, Jennifer has been committed to fostering public dialogue around reshaping finance for good and engaging future thought and business leaders to think differently about how market economies work. Prior to joining Aspen, she worked as part of the Ashoka Social Financial Services team to facilitate some of the most powerful market-based structural innovations happening in the world today. Jennifer earned her PhD in Anthropology from Vanderbilt University for research on development programs promoting social entrepreneurship and cultural heritage among artisan producers in Peru. She received a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology and Spanish from Transylvania University in Kentucky.

Ashley Sillaro, Program Associate
Ashley Sillaro is a program associate for the Aspen Finance Leaders Fellowship (FLF). She plans and coordinates seminars and special events, including the coordination of Spotlight Finance, FLF's bi-annual collective action convening. Prior to joining the Aspen Institute, she worked in meeting and event planning at the Institute of International Education and the American Red Cross. Ashley holds a bachelor's degree in international studies from the School of International Service, American University in Washington, D.C.

For more information about the Fellowship, contact Ashley Sillaro.