Who do I contact if I'm having trouble accessing programming or have questions about the event?

You can send an email to our team at, which we will be monitoring continuously from now through the Action Forum, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a specific question about accessing the platform, please email the Support Team at for assistance.


Where can I find the My Event Experience Page with session access information?

Your My Event Experience Page is located on your dashboard on the AGLN website. This is the best spot to find all session information, join links and event details. You'll need to be logged into the AGLN website in order to access your My Event Experience page. You can log in here using the email we have on file for you and hit the Forgot Password button if you don't recall your password or don't have one set up yet.


When will the 2021 Resnick Aspen Action Forum take place?

The Action Forum will be held virtually from Wednesday, July 21 to Sunday, July 25, 2021.


Will the Action Forum take place in person or virtually?

All programming at the 2021 Action Forum will take place virtually.


What kind of programming will be offered?

This program embraces the proximity we each have to our local communities, increases access for people to participate, and creates new opportunities to engage in learning, practicing, and sustaining collective efforts.

In addition to classic seminar dialogues and inspiring plenaries, we're introducing Agora, a new part of the AGLN website for the community to learn, collaborate, experiment, and practice how we can have greater collective impact.  We're also excited to expand Youth Action Forum offerings to include youth seminar dialogues, intergenerational plenaries, and collaborative workshops. Check out our Programming Page for more details about this year's session types.


How do I register?

Registration for the Action Form is now closed. You can still tune into plenaries via our livestream option and collaborate with leaders in Agora on the AGLN website. Please email the Action Forum Team at with any questions.




What's new at the 2021 Action Forum? 

We're excited to announce the launch of Agora, a new part of the AGLN website for the community to learn, collaborate, experiment, and practice how we can have greater collective impact. You can join existing efforts led by others in the AGLN community and/or host your own meet-up on whatever you’re looking to gather around. Check out the Agora Handbook for more information.

We're also expanding Youth Action Forum offerings to include youth seminar dialogues, intergenerational plenaries, and collaborative workshops.


Where can I find the agenda for the 2021 Action Forum? 

You can always find the most up to date version of the agenda here. Check out our Programming Page for more details about this year's session types.


How much time should I expect to spend at Action Forum each day?

Please be prepared to commit to at least 90-minutes of programming per day. In addition to the 90-minutes of core programming per day listed on the agenda, you are encouraged to host and/or join sessions in Agora at various times throughout the day. Part of the magic of the Action Forum experience is making space to pause and reflect. With that intention in mind, we encourage you to block your calendars as much as possible during the week of the event so you have time to take breaks in the day, reflect on your own and with other leaders you meet, as well as join sessions in Agora.

Here's a snapshot of the core programming: 
90-Minute Plenary Sessions on Wednesday (7/21) and Sunday (7/25)—hosted at 10-11:30 a.m. ET
90-Minute Seminar Dialogues on Thursday (7/22), Friday (7/23), and Saturday (7/24)—participants will select a time that works best during registration
Asynchronous Meet-Ups Hosted in Agora beginning on Wednesday (7/21) —visit the space and add your own meet-ups you’d like to host and RSVP to any that align to your interests


What time zone are events on the website listed in?

Agora Session - All sessions in Agora are listed in your local time zone.
Personal Agenda - All sessions on your Personal Agenda on your My Event Experience Page are listed in Eastern Daylight Time.
Reference this global time converter to plan your entire week in local time and use our global time zone guide to confirm your Seminar Dialogue track time.



How will the virtual seminars work?

All seminars will be hosted on, a virtual meeting platform created by Henry Crown Fellow Dan Hoffman built specifically to capture the unique Aspen Seminar experience. Each seminar cohort will be comprised of 10-12 curated participants to maximize diversity of perspectives and experiences and an Aspen moderator who will remain together throughout the week. 

At what times will virtual seminars be offered?

Seminar Dialogues will be offered at four different times throughout programming days and you'll be able to choose your track during registration. Reference our Global Time Zone Guide to determine which track is the best fit for your schedule.

Can I switch Seminar Tracks?

No, unfortunately, the groups have been curated and cannot be changed.


How can I access the seminar readings?

Seminar readings are accessible from your My Event Experience page or you can access them here.


How should I prepare before my seminar session?

Be sure to read the seminar readings at least once before the event.

On the day of, prior to joining your session:
Make sure your space is comfortable and quiet, and limit distractions to the best extent that you can
Exit out of email or any platforms that may give you pop-up notifications so you can be fully present
Consider what makes you feel most comfortable in the seminar room, and try to recreate that (ex. comfortable, tissues, water)
Try to set space in between the seminar experience and your daily routine. We want this space to feel separate and special, and entirely for you
We want to see your face! Try to avoid backlighting, and make sure your background isn't distracting


How can I test my technology on the platform before I begin my seminar dialogue?

Once Seminar Cohort join links are available on your My Event Experience page, you can use that link to test your tech setup. In the meantime, try the Circles tech check here.
Tip: keep the Troubleshooting Document close at hand




What is Agora? 

Agora is an online space launched in partnership with the Resnick Aspen Action Forum and the AGLN Fellowship programs. Available to the AGLN community throughout the year, Agora is each leader’s first step to host, discover, and/or join meet-ups that get the right people together to form learning communities, strengthen collaborations, and offer opportunities to take action on collective impact endeavors. Check out the Agora Handbook for more information.


Why should I collaborate on Agora? 

Supporting the AGLN to be a more transformative network model to increase its impact in service to humanity, Agora is a hub to connect people whose coordinated actions can be more powerful than the sum of their individual efforts. This space is designed, at its simplest level, to spark collaboration.


When can I host on Agora? 

Agora is open 24/7, 365 days a year! You can find fellow leaders to connect with on Agora beyond this year’s Action Forum. Agora is a feature that is here to stay  for fellows to form learning communities, strengthen collaborations, and offer opportunities to take action on collective impact endeavors.

The week of Action Forum, July 21 - 25, is an optimal time to gather the AGLN community together on Agora. Although you’re free to host on Agora any time you’d like, we encourage you to meet during times that don’t conflict with Plenaries or Seminar times during the week. Check out the Programming page for more information on timing.

Why should I host a gathering? 

As a host of your session on Agora, you’re opening up space for others to join you as a collaborator, learner, encourager and so much more. There are many roles to play in advancing impact.

Some questions to ask yourself: Are you planning to take your venture or any other impact effort to the next level? Do you have an idea in mind and want to brainstorm and learn with others? Are you seeking co-conspirators to start, or join, an impact effort?If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should host!.

What is my role as a host? 

As a host, you’ll be leading in framing your collaboration space. Explore the Agora Handbook for more information on about what being a host entails. As you shape your session, we encourage you to reflect on the following prompts: What’s the purpose of the gathering? What do you want yourself and others to get out of your time together? What might it look like for this effort to sustain and have impact? How might your group come back together after its first meet-up to build momentum around this issue area? Who do you want to join you?

How can I share my event and ensure other attend? 

Invite your Fellowship class: let your Fellowship program know you’re hosting a meet-up. From there, post in your class WhatsApp channels.
Invite your community: Although the Agora landing page on the AGLN website is only viewable for Fellows, you can invite anyone to your session that you think could enrich the conversation or play a role to enable further impact. All you need to do is send whoever you have in mind some information on what your’re gathering around, when, and where.
Use the Search Fellows features on the website to search for leaders by their interest areas as aligned to your meet-up and/or collaborative effort. You can search by geographic location, Fellowship program, areas of impact, areas of expertise, and more.


How will the AGLN help promote my event? 

We're offering a few ways for you to share your collaboration with the entire Network:
E-blasts to the AGLN Community: Do you want your session highlighted in e-blasts to the entire AGLN community? We’ll be sending information on Agora and the meet-ups taking place throughout the months and weeks ahead of Action Forum. The sooner you add your session, the more exposure it will have to the community.
Pitch Videos on AGLN’s Social Media: Like in the Agora 101 video, you can submit a 60-second pitch video to the AGLN’s communications team to have your meet-up promoted on our social media channels. If you’re interested, e-mail Pearl Mak for more details on what to include and how to submit a video. Bonus: This video could also be used in your personal outreach to classmates and community members or posted to your own social media. Be sure to #Agora and #ActionForum in your posts!

We also encourage you to ask your Fellowship program staff and/or the AGLN team to suggest others in the AGLN community that could be a good fit for your session or help make connections to other relevant programs at the Aspen Institute.


What topics are being discussed in Agora? 

Fellows are looking to collaborate on a wide range of topics from agriculture to supply chain & logistics. Check out all of the offerings on Agora here

How do I add my meet-up to Agora 

Log-in to the AGLN website. If you forgot your log-in and/or password, you can retrieve it here.
Follow this link to access the space and click on ‘Host’.
Complete the host form to add your session on Agora.

I need help setting up my collaboration, who can I speak to? 

The AGLN Core Team can consult on the design of your collaboration in the early stages. This may include joining planning calls or meetings to frame your topic and its goals, brainstorm session formats, and identify participants to engage with. We are also happy to provide feedback on your meet-up descriptions and goals.  Reach out to Soo Jeon at

Do I need to be registered for the Action Forum to attend meet-ups in Agora? 

No, but it is highly recommended. The theme of this year’s Action Forum is “Collective Leadership: What does it take in a polarized world?” During seminar dialogues and plenaries, we’ll be exploring the mind-sets and capacities needed to lead collectively, start building the skills needed to spark collaboration that last, and highlighting impact efforts already happening around the network that you can get involved with. Discussions in Agora are bound to spill over into the rest of the week of Action Forum. Don’t miss a beat - round out your experience and register now!




Where can Youth access their schedules, seminar readings, and other resources?

Youth can access all of their necessary resources via the Open Learning platform. This platform will be the main hub for Youth during the Action Forum. It will contain their schedules, readings, and join links for Seminars, Plenaries, Mind Body Spirit, and Videos for Change.


How do Youth access their Open Learning Account?

Youth will receive email correspondence from the Open Learning Platform with instructions on how to register for the portal as well as additional information from Christian Devers. If you have any questions regarding access to the portal, please contact Christian Dever at


What if Youth don’t have their own email address or I prefer they don't use their email for this event?

An email address is required for login to the Open Learning portal. If youth don’t have their own email address, utilize the email of a parent or trusted adult.




Who else is participating this year?

Check back on the Action Forum website this spring for an updated list of leaders attending the 2021 Action Forum.

What are the Exclusive Offerings for registered participants?

This year we are offering all registered RAAF participants the following four exclusive offers -
1. Early Registration for 2022 Action Forum
2. Entrance into the Waived Registration Fee Lottery for Action Forum 2022
3. Complimentary Access to Leadership Circles designed by the Aspen Institute - For Your Team or Community
4. 15% off Custom Leadership Seminars - For Your Organization

More detailed information about each offer can be found here.

How can I personalize my AGLN profile with my interest areas?

Update your areas of interest in your account settings on your AGLN profile. This helps other leaders connect with you based on common interests or issue areas they’re looking to learn more about. When you visit Agora, you'll also get recommended meet-ups as they're posted online based on what you've selected.

How can I update my bio?

You can update your information on your profile on the AGLN website once you log-in. If you have never logged-in to the AGLN Website or App, or if you have forgotten your password, use this link and enter the email we normally use to contact you to reset your password. If you are still having issues logging in, reach out to Phoebe Copeland at