What's new at 2020 Resnick Aspen Action Forum?

For the first time, the Resnick Aspen Action Forum will convene virtually! As in past years, this is an opportunity to refresh your perspectives through text-based dialogues, engage with Fellows from around the world, and find collaborators for your initiatives. This year's program is a response to the unprecedented time in which we live and takes advantage of the potential to convene more global Fellows than ever before. Through virtual seminars, topical plenaries and dialogues and other open collaboration spaces, you will have the chance to explore issues around our theme: The Fierce Urgency of Now.


When will the 2020 Resnick Aspen Action Forum take place?

The 2020 Resnick Aspen Action Forum will take place virtually from Saturday, August 22 until Friday, August 28. 


What kind of programming will be offered?

We will be offering a mix of cohort-based seminars, mainstage plenaries with breakout dialogues, and Fellow-led collaboration opportunities. 


How much programming will take place each day?

There will be 2-3 hours of structured programming each day with additional opportunities for open collaboration. See the agenda for more information.


Where can I find the agenda for the 2020 Action Forum 

You can always find the current version of the agenda here. It will be updated as content is developed, so make sure to check for updates and new information.


How will the virtual seminars work?

We will offer three, 90 minute virtual seminars led by an AGLN Moderator. Each cohort will be comprised of 10-12 participants who will remain together throughout the week. Seminar sessions will be held on Sunday, August 23; Tuesday, August 25; and Thursday, August 27. Each of your three Seminar Dialogues will take place at the time you select each day with the same cohort group each day. All seminars will be hosted on Circl.es, a virtual meeting platform created by Henry Crown Fellow Dan Hoffman built specifically to capture the unique Aspen Seminar experience.

Please note that all participants must have their own desktop or laptop computer to use during each Seminar Dialogue. This is both to ensure the custom technology works on your device and to encourage you to fully participate in the seminar from a stationary location without distractions. Participants will not be able to use a tablet or mobile phone for the Seminar Dialogues.

What if I need to change my seminar time?

If the seminar track you signed up for during registration no longer works with your schedule, please email Phoebe Copeland at phoebe.copeland@aspeninstitute.org to switch to another time slot. 


What are the Mainstage Plenaries and Breakout Dialogues?

Mainstage Plenaries will feature special guests and Fellows who will help us make sense of this of uncertainty and figure out what comes next. Immediately following each session, you'll break out from the mainstage to into a small group to discuss the topics and challenges presented in the plenary. Topics and speakers will be announced as we draw closer to the Action Forum.


What is the AGLN Collaboratory?

The AGLN Collaboratory is an open virtual space where you can swap ideas, make connections, and find support. You'll have the opportunity to propose topics you would like to gather Fellows around and we will work with you to create spaces for engagement. More information will be shared as we draw closer to the Action Forum. If you'd like to propose a topic for inclusion in the AGLN Collaboratory, email Chris Veasey at Christopher.Veasey@aspeninstitute.org.


How can my spouse participate in the 2020 Action Forum?

A limited number of spouses will be able to participate in the virtual Action Forum programming this year. Spouse registration closes on Monday, August 10 at 11:59pm ET at the same time as Fellow registration.


How can my children participate in the 2020 Action Forum?

All children (ages 10-20) of Fellows are invited to participate in the Opening Plenary session on Saturday, August 22 at 10:00am ET which will be followed by breakout sessions for youth with peers close to their age. We will be offering additional resources for parents who wish to share the seminar readings with their children and discuss the content throughout the week together. Learn more on the Youth Action Forum page.


How will registration work for the 2020 Action Forum?

Registration will close on Monday, August 10 at 11:59pm ET. 

The standard registration fee for the Resnick Aspen Action Forum is $300 USD per adult. However, in order to remove cost as a barrier for attendance, you will have the option to choose a payment amount that best fits your situation. All youth activities are included with registration.


Who else is participating this year?

Check our 2020 Leaders Page for an updated list of who's attending the 2020 Action Forum.