Community Badges - What's your superpower?

We’re always thinking of ways to help you make the most of the network. We are excited to introduce a new functionality: community profile badges – visual cues to help spark conversation and help you navigate the AGLN more easily. 

Are you someone who is great at building new products? Want to know who else is in your “tribe”? Or what others in the AGLN are good at? Claim these badges and we can start to find out. 

When you claim a badge, it will be added to your online profile and you will be able to see others who have the same badge. We want you to make faster connections and build a stronger community, and we hope that these badges help give you enough added context to start doing that. 

AGLN Badges

Brings order and structure

Knows others’ needs and abilities, and joins them together

Finds and collects the best of what’s being created

Convenes to enable dialogue and work towards common goals

Tinkers with existing systems, finds connections

Able to move people and resources to accomplish a goal

Able to grow operations to widen impact

Listens and communicates in high volumes; Motivates and unifies with observation-based narrative