Annabel Lee On Her Experience At The Youth Action Forum 200

Annabel Lee On Her Experience At The Youth Action Forum

This summer was my second time participating in the Resnick Aspen Action Forum Youth Camp. The camp provided me with an opportunity to listen and contribute to diverse opinions from all around the world. It also allowed me to discover and express what I truly cared about through art projects, philosophical discussion, and guided journaling.

This year, the theme of the Action Forum was fearless leadership. By discussing the readings with other youth and looking beyond the words, I learned more about this topic; it is best explained by comparing fearless leadership to the aspen tree. Aspens are considered the world’s largest organism, because a single seed can develop into a colony of thousands of trees, all connected by their roots. The aspen is also a pioneer species, which means they are often the first to colonize disturbed areas. To me, a fearless leader is like the first tree, willing to spark a new movement. Slowly, they will encourage and inspire more people to join, developing into a large community of leaders and supporters, turning barren land into beautiful forest. 

During the camp, I was invited to be on a panel to discuss youth leadership. The inspiration and confidence gained from the experience strengthened my commitment to my social project, Wings for Girls. This project that I started with my sister last year aims to provide financial aid for underprivileged girls in remote villages of China to pursue high school education. We fund the project by raising money through coaching students applying for American high school on interview skills. The passion from the camp transformed into my action to fulfill my pledge to support ten village girls with my project this year. In addition, I’ve started an Asian Club at my high school, through which I hope to promote a more global perspective among youth.

Annabel Lee, 16
Beijing, China
2016 & 2018 Youth Participant

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