China Fellowship Program - How to Nominate a Candidate


Individuals may not apply to the program; Fellows must be nominated by a third party and selected by the Aspen Institute. Nominators must complete a brief online form and include a letter stating their reasons for recommending the candidate. The letter must include evidence that the candidate is an innovator or entrepreneur and is at an inflection point in their life. We cannot accept simple biographies without a fully completed nomination form.

Please note that nomination is not a guarantee of selection. We aim to develop a robust pool of candidates from which we will select 20-22 only. We look at several factors in assembling a class and selecting the right mix of Fellows is among them. Sometimes even the most qualified candidates will not be selected if they don't fit into the “mosaic” of this year; however, unless we determine that they simply don't meet our criteria, they will be considered for future classes.

Nominations for Class VII will open on October 15th, 2018 and close November 15th, 2018.
Candidates will be notified if they have passed onto the next stage of consideration by February 1st.


Candidate Criteria

þ Region: reside in Greater China region (includes the regions of Hong Kong & Macau)
þ Language: possess absolute fluency in English (seminar discussion and readings are in English)
þ Age: between 30-45 years of age

þ Successful: a proven leader from private business sector
þ Entrepreneurial: action-oriented, with a track record of starting and building things
þ Diversity of Experience: not a “cookie cutter” professional, has a unique story

þ At an inflection point: at a time in one’s life to move from success to significance
þ Willingness to be open and listen: authentic and present during seminar discussion
þ Impeccable integrity: a respectable and socially conscious leader

Identifying leaders from finance & technology in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong has been our strong-suit. We welcome candidates from other sector such as manufacturing, logistics, energy, environment, health, retail, arts and entertainment, as well as candidates from other regions within China.


Class VI Seminar Dates

Seminar dates for the 7th class are:
Seminar 1: The Challenge of Leadership, September 2019 – China
Seminar 2: The Aspen Seminar, May 2020 – Aspen, CO, United States
Seminar 3: Leading in an Era of Globalization, between December 2020-March 2021 – various locations
Seminar 4: The Promise of Leadership, September 2021 – China

If you have any further questions, please contact the program's managing director, Spring Fu ( or the program coordinator, Katherine Hurley (