Nomination and Candidate Criteria

Ideal nominees have achieved considerable professional success. They are at an inflection point where they are ready to step up and lead - creating a broader impact in connecting finance and society. An annual class of Fellows will be selected from those who are between the ages of 35 and 50, are fluent in English and come from diverse backgrounds in terms of gender, geography, ethnicity, philosophical outlook and area of finance (see Finance Ecosystem Chart below).


Attributes of Successful Candidates:

  • Accomplished, senior Finance industry leaders
  • At an "inflection point" in their lives or careers; want to reflect deeply on their leadership role in society
  • Willing to challenge existing normative behaviors with actionable ideas to create positive change
  • Have a breadth of experience and level of maturity that will enable them to contribute effectively to the seminar experience; this includes an ability to listen to and learn from their peers
  • Intellectually curious and open to ideas
  • Between the ages of 35 and 50
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Sample Nomination Form
List of All Finance Leaders Fellows

"How to nominate" a potential Fellow?:
If a potential candidate fits the criteria, we encourage you to nominate them, as we do not accept applications from candidates themselves. Candidates for the Fellowship are nominated by someone who understands the AGLN criteria and knows them and their work well. 

Meet a Fellow:
Watch the videos below to hear Fellows' perspectives on the Finance Leaders Fellowship. Visit our videos page for more information.

Please see our FAQs page for more information on the Fellowship.

2016 Class: Eric Savage,
Co-Founder & CEO, Unitus Capital

2017 Class: Shivani Siroya, Founder and CEO, Tala