Developing Finance Leaders

Eric Savage, Co-Founder & CEO Unitus Capital
Eric reflects on his experience as a Fellow of the inaugural class of Finance Leaders Fellows and also on how the seminars and readings that have been catalysts for his personal transformation.

Exploring the Venture Process

Salah Goss, Head of MasterCard Labs for Financial Inclusion, MasterCard
Salah provides us with an inside look on the venture process and the process of connecting finance and society. Her venture, Community Capital, looks at different models for local communities to gain access to the financial services they need.


Changing the Finance Industry

Shivani Siroya, Founder & CEO, Tala
Shivani shares how the Fellowship brings together leaders to become a force for change in the financial industry and highlights the impact of joining a community that is in pursuit of a purpose that is greater than themselves.

Connecting Finance to Society

Hoi Tung, Founder & Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Ping An Trust & Investment Company Ltd.
Hoi explores how the Fellowship made an impact on his life and how he could best benefit society through his venture, which addresses the disparity between the urban wealth and rural communities of China.

Inspiring Leaders to Take Action

Stacy Grant, Managing Director, Private Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley
Stacy discusses how the Fellowship inspired a sense of urgency to do good in the world. Her venture, Maitreya Prize for Women's Leadership, focuses on women-led businesses in the technology and nonprofit space.

Using Your Platform for Impact

Eric Savage, Co-Founder & CEO Unitus Capital
Eric shares how his work at an investment bank in India has shaped his venture, Unitus Capital Inclusive Credit (UCIC), which uses creative lending practices to fund socially impactful companies.