Ventures Overview


Leadership Ventures Guidelines

Undertaking a leadership venture during the fellowship period is an integral part of the experience.

We encourage each Fellow to consider his or her venture an opportunity – to do what they’ve always meant to do but never found the time for. An opportunity to bring a fresh approach to a problem they see in their community and beyond.

The ideal venture motivates and stretches the Fellow and has a meaningful impact on a compelling health care challenge. The following table provides additional guidance for Fellows on their leadership ventures.

Your Ideal Venture Will...

Motivate you 
  • By engaging your personal passions; it should focus on something about which you care deeply.
  • By being an expression of your core values – giving you the opportunity to do something you believe in.
  • By being a source of fun and joy. This should be an exciting opportunity to experiment, try something you've always wanted to, and have some fun. Not a duty, an opportunity.
Stretch you 
  • By challenging you to be creative. To be innovative. To look for distinctive solutions to existing problems.
  • By challenging you to be ambitious. To think big.
  • By taking you out of your comfort zone.
  • By challenging you to do something you wouldn't ordinarily do "but for" the Fellowship.

Make an Impact 
  • By being well designed and thought through. It should be both ambitious and realistic.
  • By leveraging your assets (resources, experience, ideas, platforms, and networks) to increase the likelihood of success.
  • By encouraging collaboration; engaging others' their good work and efforts to enhance the impact of your venture.
  • By focusing on a clearly identified problem or opportunity and creating a credible plan to address it.
  • By showing meaningful progress during the Fellowship itself, and measurable results over time.

Be significant 
  • By challenging you to assume a clear leadership role.
  • By focusing on something you consider to be a compelling need.
  • By ensuring the efforts can be sustained over time (financially, and organizationally).