AGLN Fellowship Seminars

Aspen Institute seminars help leaders reflect on timeless ideas and define their own personal values. Through text-based dialogue with expert moderators and accomplished peers, seminar participants enhance their capacities to think more creatively in solving the problems that confront society.

The Challenge of Leadership
This seminar asks Fellows to think about their own role and responsibility as leaders as they are exposed to a range of leaders offering different leadership styles and models. Among them are Mohandas Gandhi, Jean Monnet, Martin Luther King Jr., Margaret Thatcher, Jack Welch, and Lee Kwan Yew. Fellows also spend time discussing the challenging situations inherent in any aspect of leadership – when push comes to shove, what decisions do you make and how do these decisions affect your ability to lead others? 

The Aspen Seminar
This is the Aspen Institute’s flagship seminar. During this seminar Fellows build their own vision of the “good society” by reading, discussing, debating and relating the writings of a wide range of thinkers to their present-day conditions. Thinkers include Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau, Hobbes, Rachel Carson, Ibn Khaldun, and others. The Fellows discuss their personal thoughts on the proper role of government, on what sorts of trade-offs they are willing to accept in the name of economic growth, and on other tensions that exist in society. Fellows also recognize where their personal values may align with their own society, and where they might work to help their society align better.

Leading in an Era of Globalization*
In this seminar, Fellows explore a wide range of ways globalization is influencing their world – economic, political, scientific, cultural and ethical – and the tensions that arise as a result. Having answered what they think the “good society” is in their previous seminar, Fellows are now asked to broaden those views to include the rest of the world. Fellows also look at what globalization means for their leadership and where there might be opportunities to harness the forces of globalization for good and where they might draw the line its influences.

The Promise of Leadership
This is the final seminar in the series of four and is the most introspective. In this seminar, Fellows share the results and lessons learned from their leadership ventures and explore issues of balancing work and family, community engagement and personal legacy. They are poised from here to engage in the next phase of their leadership and have begun their journey from success to significance.

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*Rather than this seminar, our Health Innovators, Pahara-Aspen Education Fellows, and Civil Society Fellows attend a seminar exploring the values in tension in their respective fields.