What is the Venture Sweet Spot?

Stace Lindsay, President, Fusion Venture Partners
Stace explains how to find your sweet spot – where your passions, skills and concerns for the world converge – to help reveal where Fellows can have the greatest impact.


The Power of Proximity

Sonal Shah, Executive Director, Georgetown University, Beeck Center
Sonal explains how remaining proximate remaining proximate can ensure solutions are designed based on a community’s needs, and can stay relevant as those needs evolve.

Embracing a B Corporation Mindset

Bart Houlahan, Co-Founder and President, B Corporation
Bart explains how embracing a B Corporation mindset, one with a focus on business as a "force for good", can support success and create a broader positive impact.

Building Social Movements

Tamsin Smith, Founder & President of SlipStreamStrategy
Tamsin shares the nuances of building social movements from the power of individual action to the creation of a collective narrative.

The Art of Storytelling

Kristen Grimm, Founder & President of Spitfire Strategies
Kristen explains the key components of a compelling story and shares the importance of storytelling as a motivating tool for making a world a better place.


The Lean Startup Approach

Josh Baer, Founder and CEO of Capital Factory
Josh describes how the Lean Startup Approach can increase efficiency and adaptability in the early days of testing a business model.


The Perfect Pitch

Laurie Chock, Chock Global Communications
Laurie describes the key approaches to developing and delivering the perfect pitch for a venture at any stage

Design Thinking

Justin Ferrell, Fellowships Director, Stanford University, Institute of Design
Justin shares how design thinking can help Fellows become more creative in their problem solving, using tools like empathy and experimentation to arrive at innovative solutions that put users first.

Driving Change: Corporate Social Intrapreneurs

Nancy McGaw, Deputy Director Business & Society Program, The Aspen Institute
Nancy shares how social intrapreneaurs are able to re-frame societal problems as business opportunities in disguise, creating positive impacts for the world.

Driving Systems Level Change

Shivani Garg Patel, Principal, The Skoll Foundation
Shivani explains how examining the system in which a problem resides can help Fellows find the key levers for disrupting the system as a whole.