Grant opportunity for Fellows responding to COVID-19: The Global Response Fund

The McNulty Foundation, in partnership with the AGLN, has launched the Global Response Fund to support and amplify critical response efforts to the pandemic by Fellows and their organizations. The rapid response fund will operate on a rolling basis as needs evolve, providing grants between $5,000 and $25,000. Because we know that we can only fund a portion of the enormous need, at this time, this fund will only support organizations that are engaging in the following direct response efforts:

  • Providing direct medical or emergency relief 
  • Engaging in preparedness or preventative efforts for vulnerable communities
  • Serving emerging needs for resource-poor and disproportionately affected communities, or building the capacity to effectively serve them, using existing networks in the community.

We will continue to update and evolve the structure and purpose of the fund to respond to what we are hearing and learning directly from Fellows. As the nature of the crisis evolves, for example, we may pivot to supporting efforts focused on the long-term economic or social impacts, future-proofing, or other systems change efforts. If you are not sure if this applies to you or have other questions or efforts to consider, please email me at

Please share the guidelines and brief application form with any Fellows you know who are engaging in critical response efforts. 

Thank you all for your leadership and partnership,

Nina & the McNulty Foundation Team

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