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This year’s Leading in an Era of Globalization seminar cohorts gathered in six unique locations around the world to pause and reflect on their roles as leaders in an increasingly globalized world. From Hong Kong to Panama, 121 Fellows from 12 countries and seven Fellowships were met for the first time and were introduced to a diverse range of viewpoints ... more
Posted by Samantha Cherry on AGLN Blog Mar 29, 2019 12:11 PM MDT
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We’re excited to announce the selection of the 2019 Braddock Scholars .  Please join us in congratulating Fellows from across the Aspen Global Leadership Network who will be joining the Braddock Scholars Program for the upcoming year. These Fellows have a big vision to make a transformational impact on society by bringing their venture to ... more
Posted by Samantha Cherry on AGLN Blog Jan 25, 2019 3:07 PM MST
Challenge Seminars
Think back to your first seminar,  The Challenge of Leadership . The magic of the room and the first time you were meeting classmates; people who would become lifelong advisors and friends. Throughout the fall, seven AGLN Fellowship classes launched, sending 134 new Fellows on their journey thinking about their role and responsibility as leaders. ... more
Posted by Samantha Cherry on AGLN Blog Dec 14, 2018 3:40 PM MST
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With the holidays upon us, you might find yourselves engaged in difficult conversations with loved ones that challenge your convictions (and patience). How might you ensure these exchanges are respectful and meaningful, while staying rooted in your own core values? Try approaching them as a moderator would. Watch this short video with advice from ... more
Posted by Philip Javellana on AGLN Blog Dec 1, 2018 6:12 AM MST
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We are pleased to announce this year's winner of the John P. McNulty Prize, Mehrdad Baghai of the Henry Crown Fellowship.   Watch this video about Mehrdad, the inspiration behind High Resolves and the impact of the program is having on students around the world. Mehrdad is being honored for creating High Resolves, which delivers learning experiences ... more
Posted by Samantha Cherry on AGLN Blog Oct 24, 2018 12:17 PM MDT