Engineers and factory workers looking to help with production of scare items
From a colleague - 

Per my earlier note, one of my closest friends is a primary owner of a company that designs and manufactures high tech power cell systems (see website below). 

I am wondering if you know of anyone or any institution looking for help?

His name is Ranvir -- and he's doing everything he can to keep his team of engineers and factory workers employed during this crisis. He's willing to work to design or produce anything that would help during this crisis. They will also design and/or produce anything at-cost.

Thus far, they have developed an intubation "box," face shields, and hand sanitizer. 

The team of mechanical and material science engineers and employees are fantastic. My friend, Ranvir, is a massive hustler and will do anything he can to help. The company has a number of government contracts if that might help with throughput for any project. 

Here's the company
Description: Adaptive Energy designs and manufactures solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) for back up and portable power applications.

Here's the Shopify page where they are trying to distribute anything they are making 

Here's the contact information:
Ranvir Gujral -
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Here's another connection:
  • To support the government’s relief efforts, NAM has launched a new, detailed survey for businesses to identify specific ways they can provide or produce the supplies that are in high demand. It has been requested that manufacturers complete and submit their responses via NAM's online portal -- even if you have filled out similar previous surveys.
Another related request:

I am working with a large global OEM manufacturer of eyewear who has pivoted to producing and sourcing face shields, goggles, masks (N95 and KN95) and other PPE to help supply the significant demand in the current COVID-10 environment.
If you have contacts with large hospital systems, healthcare networks or government agencies that are urgently seeking these supplies, I would like to help with a direct introduction to get these materials where they are needed most.
Thank you and regards,
Grace Sheen
He should reach out to California Manufacturing Technology Consortium -  They are coordinating a new supply chain to respond to COVID and might be able to connect him.

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