East Africa EdTech Response for COVID19: Looking for Connections with Bank or Telecomm Foundations Interested in Partnership
Dear Fellows,

I am supporting a good friend of mine who is the founder of Kytabu (a Kenyan EdTech company) to scale up the platform in Kenya and other countries in East Africa in response to the need to support parents, teachers and educational institutions in providing homeschooling solutions during this time.

The Kenyan government has asked Kytabu to avail a desktop and mobile application for students that do not have constant internet access at home and have limited access to computers but can use the application on mobile only. The platform is fully operational (has engaged ~90,000 users) but needs further investment to develop additional content and meet increased user demand.

I think that this is a proven, tangible solution to be able to respond to just one of the many pain points that our communities are feeling as a result of COVID19. I am hoping to connect Tonee (the founder) with any African Foundations that may be interested in supporting this effort to provide children with the opportunity for education during this global crisis. 

In particular, I think this could be a good fit for Telecomms/Bank Foundations if anyone has any introductions that they could make there, although any other suggestions/introductions are of course welcome.

Links to additional information
1. Kytabu Pitch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqOgIwurnP8
2. Kytabu digital content example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVkYN5FLIyM
3. Africa Development Prize: https://disrupt-africa.com/2017/06/3-african-startups-win-development-prize/
4. Africa Entrepreneurial Award: https://africa.com/young-african-entrepreneurs-win-top-prizes-europe/
5. Kytabu school visit video: https://youtu.be/l3DtN_0Hvk0

Many thanks. Stay safe.

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