Update on AGLN Leadership Transition

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Update on AGLN Leadership Transition

Posted by Peter Reiling on Mar 20, 2018 2:21 pm

Dear fellow Fellows,
Please see the following note from Aspen Institute President and CEO-elect Dan Porterfield on his decision to appoint our friend and colleague David Langstaff as the Institute’s interim EVP for Leadership and Seminars. Of course, David is no stranger to many of you, having moderated seminars for the Aspen Global Leadership Network around the world for many years. I know he’ll do a great job steering the ship in the months ahead until a permanent successor is found. 
All the best, as always,


Peter A. Reiling 
Executive Vice President, Leadership and Seminars 
The Aspen Institute 


March 20, 2018

Dear AGLN Fellows,
As we all know, at the end of April, Executive Vice President for Leadership and Seminars Peter Reiling will leave the Institute to join Netflix and relocate with his family to the Bay Area. A visionary leader for the past fourteen years, Peter leaves a legacy that will continue to lengthen as the leaders he has helped cultivate make even bigger impacts on society. Peter is preparing a formal transition memo and has offered to help all of us in any way we need after his departure.
Over the next few months, and in collaboration with Trustees Margot Pritzker, Bill Mayer, Jim Crown, and others, we will launch a search for Peter’s successor. To help us prepare for that critical recruitment process, which includes seeking out the perspectives of both staff and alumni of our leadership and seminar programs, and to ensure the continuous excellence of all work that Peter oversees, I have decided to appoint an Interim EVP for Leadership and Seminars. 
Today, I’ve announced that David Langstaff will serve as Interim EVP for Leadership and Seminars until our permanent leader is on board. David is a longtime member of the Aspen Institute family with impeccable leadership qualities and values. He will not be a candidate for the permanent position.
For nearly 20 years, David has moderated our flagship Aspen Executive Seminar and, since 2010, he has been a senior moderator of assorted AGLN Globalization, Liberty, Health Innovators, custom corporate, and Resnick Aspen Action Forum seminars in Aspen, China, South Carolina, and West Africa. He brings business acumen as a CEO of technology services companies and currently serves as chairman of the Institute’s Business and Society Program’s advisory board. 
David and I have spent a good deal of time in discussion over the past few weeks. He understands our mission, treasures the seminar experience, and knows firsthand the power of our global leadership network. Most of all, he is a values-driven leader himself. He is stepping up to help the leadership and seminars programs at a critical moment in our history. 
Effective March 26th, David will start working with Peter in our DC headquarters, becoming the Interim EVP after Peter’s departure. He’ll also be an advisor to me and serve on our executive team, ensuring the full participation of our leadership and seminar programs in Institute-wide planning.
Please join me in thanking David Langstaff for his generous service to an institution that has meant so much to him these past two decades. And, of course, we extend our continued gratitude and good wishes to Peter Reiling for all that he has done in service of Aspen and society. 
All the best,
Dan Porterfield
President and CEO-Elect
The Aspen Institute 

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