"This Isn’t Easy" - AGLN Fellows Moderate Leadership Discussion At Skoll World Forum

What are the greatest challenges a leader can face, today? How does one stay resilient in the face of these challenges? What does it take for a leader to overcome obstacles and truly create positive social change?

These were the questions Aspen Global Leadership Network Fellows and McNulty Prize Laureates Lana Abu-Hijleh (MELI), Jordan Kassalow (Henry Crown Fellowship), Manoj Kumar (KBF), and Gisela Sánchez (CALI) wanted to explore at the Skoll World Forum this year. These four leaders led an honest dialogue on these questions and more, creating a unique heart space for 75 Skoll delegates to reflect and answer these tough questions for themselves.
The session, titled “The Challenge of Leadership”, was created in partnership with the McNulty Foundation and featured the moderating leaders’ leadership case studies by the McNulty Foundation titled “Pivotal Moments”. The series describes Laureates’ personal journeys with struggle, determination and success.
“It was more difficult than I could have known. But when disappointments came, something else would go right, or more inspiration would come. That’s what keeps you going.” said Gisela Sanchez in her case study, reflecting on the importance of resilience in leadership.

In order to make an impact, Lana Abu-Hijleh had to make the choice to leave her career and get proximate with her community. “I was turning into a professional robot. Working through the UN in some ways made me feel detached from the realities of being Palestinian. I was no longer really feeling what I was doing. I had lost touch with why I even started.”

Read Gisela and Lana’s full Case Study, along with others’ leadership stories here.

After the group discussion, the featured Fellows, joined by Henry Crown Fellow and McNulty Laureate Jay Coen Gilbert, moderated Aspen-style reading based breakout sessions around the poem “Trough”, by Judy Brown, to prompt greater personal reflection for session participants. The moderating Fellows were proud to share a piece of what collectively inspires the Aspen Global Leadership Network, as a community, to move from success to significance.
A big thank you to the Skoll Foundation for inviting the AGLN to deliver this first-hand Aspen experience to World Forum attendees this year. Special thank you to Charles Cohn for providing the perfect backdrop for this introspective session at the historic Rhodes House.

If you are interested in learning more about the Skoll World Forum, or watching any of the recorded sessions, including a plenary from ALI Fellow Fred Swaniker, click here.

To connect and learn more about the inspiring Fellows that led this session, click on their profiles below:

Jordan Kassalow, Founder of VisionSpring & EYElliance
Lana Abu Hijleh, Founder of Youth Local Councils & Country Director, Global Communities Palestine
Gisela Sanchez, Founder of Nutrivida & Head of Corporate Affairs, FIFco
Manoj Kumar, Founder of Araku Originals & President, Naandi Foundation
Jay Coen Gilbert, Co-Founder of B Lab
Posted by Samantha Cherry on Apr 26, 2018 1:30 PM America/Denver