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  • Ideas Leaf
    Innovation Ignited: Health Innovators Fellows Reveal What No One Else Will
      Summer in Aspen kicked off last month with "Spotlight Health" , the opening segment of the annual Aspen Ideas Festival. The three-day health conference features an exceptional mix of inspiring and provocative experts who dive into topics of medicine and health.  This year, Health Innovators Fellows revealed "What No One Else Will" in a series of ... more
  • Catalyst Thumb
    Announcing The Recipients Of The Inaugural McNulty Prize Catalyst Fund
      The McNulty Foundation and Aspen Global Leadership Network are excited to announce the recipients of the McNulty Prize Catalyst Fund , a new fund at the Aspen Institute to support innovative ventures at vital inflection points. In this inaugural year, a total of $110,000 will be granted to six organizations around the world – led by AGLN Fellows – that ... more
  • Edward Man Thumb
    Fellow Spotlight: China Fellowship Fellow Edward Man On His Personal And Professional "Rebirth"
    In 2013, Edward Man was at an inflection point. He left his director position at a US-based private equity fund to start his boutique investment firm, The Associates, which seeds mission-driven start-ups in Hong Kong. Ed’s leadership venture, the ChickenSoup Foundation , is the company’s flagship investment.      "Personally, the journey was a ... more
  • Enhanced profiles thumb
    Update Your AGLN Profile With New Enhanced Fields
    We’re excited to introduce two new enhanced fields on your AGLN profile. Reflective of the wants and needs of the network these two new fields,  “Collaboration Information”  and  “Venture Information” , give other Fellows will see context on your prior work, topics you’d like to connect on, and some venture information if you choose to share ... more
  • Nicaragua Update
    Update On The Nicaraguan Crisis
    Violence continues to erupt in Nicaragua almost two months since the first protest occurred in April. The latest march against the government’s regime, taking place on May 30th, Nicaragua's Mother’s Day, led by the "Mothers of April”, a movement of mothers whose children were killed or went missing during previous demonstrations, ended with gunmen ... more
  • Globalization2017-18PostThumb
    Leading In An Era Of Globalization - 2017/18 Seminar Highlights
    We believe that being a leader today's complex and ever-changing world requires, among other things, the ability to see challenges from many perspectives and be supported by a group of peers that will help keep you oriented towards your true north. That belief runs through every class in every Fellowship program that is part of the Aspen Global ... more
  • Venture Skills Library
    Announcing the Venture Resource Library
    As a Fellow, your leadership venture gives you the opportunity to act on your passions, talents, and resources to tackle the world's most vexing problems. But, like any new business, there are infinite questions surrounding this start-up to scale-up journey.   What is the first step in moving from thought to action? How do you find this "sweet spot" ... more
  • Nicaraguan Flag
    The Nicaraguan Crisis In Brief
    The protests erupting on the streets of Nicaragua April 18th are the result of a decade of what has been called “accumulated indignation”. A slow erosion of human rights, democratic principles and an uneasy alliance between the business community and the government to focus on economic growth and political stability. Much of the economic progress of ... more
  • Skoll World Forum
    "This Isn’t Easy" - AGLN Fellows Moderate Leadership Discussion at Skoll World Forum
      What are the greatest challenges a leader can face, today? How does one stay resilient in the face of these challenges? What does it take for a leader to overcome obstacles and truly create positive social change? These were the questions Aspen Global Leadership Network Fellows and McNulty Prize Laureates Lana Abu-Hijleh (MELI), Jordan Kassalow ... more
  • Braddock Class 2018
    Announcing The 2018 Class Of Braddock Scholars
    We’re excited to announce the selection of the third class of Braddock Scholars .  Please join us in congratulating Fellows from across the Aspen Global Leadership Network who will be joining the Braddock Scholars Program for the 2018 year. These Fellows have a big vision to make a transformational impact on society by bringing their venture to ... more
  • YLC Blog Thumb
    Announcing The 2017 Winner Of The John P. McNulty Prize
    We are pleased to announce this year's winner of the $100,000 John P. McNulty Prize, Lana Abu-Hijleh of the Middle East Leadership Initiative .    Watch the McNulty Prize short film about Lana and the Youth Local Councils in Palestine Lana is being honored for the impact of her leadership venture Youth Local Councils (YLC), a program that engages over ... more
  • Africa Impact Forum Thumb
    Announcing ALI Africa Impact Forum
      What is the Africa Impact Forum? Modelled on the Resnick Aspen Action Forum but designed specifically for the African context, the ALI Africa Impact Forum was initiated by the leadership of the Africa Leadership Initiative . This event brings together Fellows from ALI South Africa, ALI West Africa, ALI East Africa, ALI Mozambique, ALI Media, and the ... more
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg at RAAF
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Talks Past And Future At Resnick Aspen Action Forum
    Growing up, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was greatly influenced by her mother. Not only did her mother teach her how to read and write, she also taught her how to form her own ideas independently. Now an associate justice of the Supreme Court, Ginsburg has established herself as both a free thinker and a fierce advocate for human rights. She joined the Resnick ... more
  • Thomas Friedman at RAAF
    Thomas Friedman Closes Out Resnick Aspen Action Forum
    Thomas Friedman says the world has entered an age of acceleration. Yet in spite of the many radical shifts he has witnessed, the author and New York Times columnist describes himself as an optimist. In the spirit of “The Great Re-set,” the theme of this year’s Resnick Aspen Action Forum, Friedman encouraged the audience to ignore the dizzying pace of the ... more
  • McNulty Prize
    Announcing The 2017 McNulty Prize Laureates
    Above, watch the announcement of the 2017 John P. McNulty Prize Laureates. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the John P. McNulty Prize , an award founded by Anne Welsh McNulty in honor of her late husband. When she created the Prize, Anne said she hoped “to remember John and honor his leadership and commitment to fostering opportunities for ... more
  • Gender Re-set panel
    Understanding The Gender Revolution
    Empowering women in the workplace is about more than ensuring diversity. As participants on the Resnick Aspen Action Forum ’s Gender Re-set panel explained Friday, there are tangible benefits to putting women in positions of power and making their voices heard — as well as real challenges to overcome in order to reach that goal.     “There are gender ... more
  • Ideas Festival
    AGLN At Aspen Ideas Festival & Spotlight Health
      We like to say that summers in Aspen begin with "Ideas" and end with "Action." Presented in partnership with The Atlantic , the Aspen Institute annually produces the Aspen Ideas Festival , convening thought leaders from around the world and across disciplines to engage in dialogue around the ideas and issues that shape the world today. Among those ... more
  • muktithumb
    Fellows Overcoming Adversity: The Panchachuli Flood
    Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellow Mukti Datta is the Managing Director of Panchachuli Women Weavers in Almora, Uttarakhand, located in northern India. She started Panchachuli to change the fundamental economics behind traditional societies where women were not educated or respected as equals. Women who joined transitioned from unpaid work like ... more
  • around the inst
    Around The Institute: Exploring The Promise And Perils Of Tech
    Technological advancement has allowed humanity to rise to great heights, though flying too close to the sun has its risks. But we can both be aware of the possible pitfalls of the future of technology while also recognizing incredible opportunities. Many Fellows of the Aspen Global Leadership Network have an eye for finding these opportunities. ... more
  • around the inst
    Around The Institute: Protecting The Free Press
    May 3rd is World Press Freedom Day, a day dedicated to the importance of freedom of the press and to reminding governments of their duty to respect and uphold the right to freedom of expression. These principals of the free press are integral to many Fellows of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. Additionally, these principals are also core aspects of ... more