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  • Ann Mei Chang
    Beyond Fearless Leadership: Moving Impact Forward
    This summer I joined four other Fellows from my Henry Crown Fellowship class (2011) along with hundreds of inspiring leaders from around the world at the Action Forum, to explore the theme of “Fearless Leadership.” Throughout the week, as I moved between thought-provoking sessions, rekindled old friendships, and sparked new connections, we ... more
  • RAAF 2018 Highlights Thumb
    Highlights From The 2018 Resnick Aspen Action Forum
    Last week, the Resnick Aspen Action Forum provided participants a pause from their daily routines and the space for them to re-center on their values with a group of trusted peers. The theme, Fearless Leadership, gave those gathered in Aspen – our largest ever with 340 adults and nearly 100 youth – the chance to reflect on the role that fear and ... more
  • Browder RAAF
    Putin Target Bill Browder Explains Why He Isn’t Living in Fear
    At the press conference following the controversial Helsinki summit, President Vladimir Putin singled out only one person he wanted to be sent to Russia for questioning: Bill Browder. The American-born businessman and long-time critic of the Kremlin spoke at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum on Friday. In conversation with CNN anchor and Henry Crown ... more
  • RAAF Closing
    Institute President Dan Porterfield On Privilege And The Power Of Networks
    When Dan Porterfield was asked to be the president and CEO of the Aspen Institute he was struck with genuine fear. After spending seven and a half years at the helm of Franklin & Marshall College, he had grown to love the institution, its students, faculty, and staff, and the work they were doing together to advance educational justice. To move to ... more
  • RAAF Youth Square
    Global Youth Leaders Offer Advice on Living Fearlessly
    Leadership and courage are not determined by age. On Friday evening at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum , Adria Goodson, chief program officer of the Pahara Institute, spoke with five young leaders from across the globe— Annabel Lee from China, Isaiah Son Pather from South Africa, Salvador Gomez Colon from Puerto Rico, Daniel Mills from Florida, and ... more
  • RAAFEveningSquare
    How To Practice Moral Leadership
    On Thursday evening, David Brooks, e xecutive director at the Aspen Institute, Indrani Bagchi, diplomatic editor of the Times of India , and Felix Maradiaga, a leading human rights activist in Nicaragua, discussed how to become a courageous leader at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum. Their conversation was moderated by Kristen Grimm, founder and ... more
  • RAAF2018WalkerSquare
    Philanthropy With Purpose At The 2018 McNulty Prize Announcement
    Four laureates for the 11 th annual John P. McNulty Prize, awarding extraordinary individuals who have effectively leveraged their expertise and entrepreneurialism to create meaningful change across the world, were announced at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum Wednesday night. "This year’s laureates are amazing, singular, inspiring people,” ... more
  • RAAF introduction thumbnail
    Fearless Leaders Kick Off The 2018 Resnick Aspen Action Forum
    The world is in need of bold leaders— those undaunted by the challenges of globalization, migration, automation, isolation, and the unknown. These leaders remain calm in the face of relentless pressure and maintain their moral compasses when core values are questioned. This year’s Resnick Aspen Action Forum  is dedicated to the pursuit of Fearless ... more
  • App Thumb
    Download The New AGLN App
      We're pleased to announce that the AGLN App is back online! Take a look at the info below and learn how to make the most of our new and improved mobile experience.  1) DOWNLOAD THE AGLN APP Download for iPhone or iPad Note – if you have old version of the AGLN app installed, you may run the update from the app store.   Download for Android Note – if you have ... more
  • App Thumb
    Tips To Search And Connect On The AGLN App
      One feature of the new AGLN App is the ability to search, browse and connect with Fellows across the Network. To utilize the power of this feature to its fullest potential, read on:  1. Go to the navigation menu and tap "Find Fellows". Here, you can choose to search based on:   Program  Connection Information with "Search Fellows"  Venture ... more
  • Catalyst Thumb
    Announcing The 2018 McNulty Prize Laureates
    We are excited to announce the 11th annual John P. McNulty Prize Laureates , four extraordinary individuals who have effectively leveraged their expertise and entrepreneurialism to create meaningful change across the world.    From giving Indian voters and policymakers access to transparency and truth; to providing New York City and Baltimore ... more
  • Ideas Leaf
    Igniting Innovation: Health Innovators Fellows Reveal What No One Else Will
      Summer in Aspen kicked off last month with "Spotlight Health" , the opening segment of the annual Aspen Ideas Festival. The three-day health conference features an exceptional mix of inspiring and provocative experts who dive into topics of medicine and health.  This year, Health Innovators Fellows revealed "What No One Else Will" in a series of ... more
  • Catalyst Thumb
    Announcing The Recipients Of The Inaugural McNulty Prize Catalyst Fund
      The McNulty Foundation and Aspen Global Leadership Network are excited to announce the recipients of the McNulty Prize Catalyst Fund , a new fund at the Aspen Institute to support innovative ventures at vital inflection points. In this inaugural year, a total of $110,000 will be granted to six organizations around the world – led by AGLN Fellows – that ... more
  • Edward Man Thumb
    Fellow Spotlight: China Fellowship Fellow Edward Man On His Personal And Professional "Rebirth"
    In 2013, Edward Man was at an inflection point. He left his director position at a US-based private equity fund to start his boutique investment firm, The Associates, which seeds mission-driven start-ups in Hong Kong. Ed’s leadership venture, the ChickenSoup Foundation , is the company’s flagship investment.      "Personally, the journey was a ... more
  • Enhanced profiles thumb
    Update Your AGLN Profile With New Enhanced Fields
    We’re excited to introduce two new enhanced fields on your AGLN profile. Reflective of the wants and needs of the network these two new fields,  “Collaboration Information”  and  “Venture Information” , give other Fellows will see context on your prior work, topics you’d like to connect on, and some venture information if you choose to share ... more
  • Nicaragua Update
    Update On The Nicaraguan Crisis
    Violence continues to erupt in Nicaragua almost two months since the first protest occurred in April. The latest march against the government’s regime, taking place on May 30th, Nicaragua's Mother’s Day, led by the "Mothers of April”, a movement of mothers whose children were killed or went missing during previous demonstrations, ended with gunmen ... more
  • Globalization2017-18PostThumb
    Leading In An Era Of Globalization - 2017/18 Seminar Highlights
    We believe that being a leader today's complex and ever-changing world requires, among other things, the ability to see challenges from many perspectives and be supported by a group of peers that will help keep you oriented towards your true north. That belief runs through every class in every Fellowship program that is part of the Aspen Global ... more
  • Venture Skills Library
    Announcing the Venture Resource Library
    As a Fellow, your leadership venture gives you the opportunity to act on your passions, talents, and resources to tackle the world's most vexing problems. But, like any new business, there are infinite questions surrounding this start-up to scale-up journey.   What is the first step in moving from thought to action? How do you find this "sweet spot" ... more
  • Nicaraguan Flag
    The Nicaraguan Crisis In Brief
    The protests erupting on the streets of Nicaragua April 18th are the result of a decade of what has been called “accumulated indignation”. A slow erosion of human rights, democratic principles and an uneasy alliance between the business community and the government to focus on economic growth and political stability. Much of the economic progress of ... more
  • Skoll World Forum
    "This Isn’t Easy" - AGLN Fellows Moderate Leadership Discussion at Skoll World Forum
      What are the greatest challenges a leader can face, today? How does one stay resilient in the face of these challenges? What does it take for a leader to overcome obstacles and truly create positive social change? These were the questions Aspen Global Leadership Network Fellows and McNulty Prize Laureates Lana Abu-Hijleh (MELI), Jordan Kassalow ... more