Announcing The Venture Resource Library

As a Fellow, your leadership venture gives you the opportunity to act on your passions, talents, and resources to tackle the world's most vexing problems. But, like any new business, there are infinite questions surrounding this start-up to scale-up journey.  

What is the first step in moving from thought to action? How do you find this "sweet spot" everyone is talking about? When do you know it's time to pivot? How do you face the inevitable setback? 

We know the best people to turn to for answers are your fellow Fellows. So, we're excited to offer a new online feature to support you: The AGLN Venture Resource Library

Here, you'll find words of wisdom from experienced Fellows and experts that can help you at any stage of your venture.  Captured in short video soundbites, each videos offers quick insights so you can watch, learn and then get back at it. 

There are two main sections to explore:  the "Advice Library" and the "Skills Library". 

The Advice Library includes 18 videos covering topics such as dealing with skeptics, creating realistic milestones and building your venture's team. On this page, you'll hear from Fellows that have successfully navigated the same process you're going through, speaking candidly about their lessons learned. 
The Skills Library has 10 videos curated specifically to help top up on some key skills for launching and leading a new venture.  For example, experts like Henry Crown Fellow Kristen Grimm shares her secrets of the art of storytelling, Standford D. School's Justin Ferrell explains how design thinking can help you get more proximate and innovative, and Henry Crown Fellow Bart Houlahan discusses how tapping in the B Corp community can help you establish a venture that does well and does good. We're fortunate enough to have these experts lead workshops on these topics at the annual Resnick Aspen Action Forum. But as we know you all can't make it, we're thrilled to offer an snapshot here. 

You can check out the full range of videos in the Advice Library here, and all the videos in the Skills Library here. Is there a topic you'd like to see covered in the Library? Other ways to get help or guidance you'd like us to support? Let us know in our ventures discussion thread.  

We know the learning never ends. Two steps forward, two steps back.  But with the guiding advice from experienced Fellows and experts, you can more confidentially take the leap from thought to action.  
Posted by Samantha Cherry on May 19, 2018 8:44 AM America/Denver