Support Causes Meaningful To Fellows: 2019 Giving Season 230

Support Causes Meaningful To Fellows: 2019 Giving Season


From unlocking a cure for multiple sclerosis, to supporting the arts in India, Fellows are involved in organizations that are changing lives and our world. This Giving Season, we're excited to share with you causes that are close to the hearts of Fellows across our global community. Read on and be uplifted.

Addressing Gun Violence with a Public Health Approach
AFFIRM Research: Submitted by Megan Ranney, Health Innovators Fellowship  

From Megan: "As an emergency physician, I see the effects of gun violence first hand. As a public health researcher, I know that there's hope. As a mom, I know that we need to do better for all our kids. I'm so proud to be part of AFFIRM Research, the country's leading non-profit creating and spreading public health solutions to the gun violence epidemic."

AFFIRM Research is the United States' only non-profit dedicated to solving gun violence through the public health approach. AFFIRM knows that gun violence can be cured using the same strategies that have been used to solve every other epidemic in history: innovation, evidence-generation, and community engagement. The program's "lateral thinking" approach allows them to step outside political stalemates and create hope. Through AFFIRM's network of medical and nursing organizations, researchers, and community members, the program is creating new data, disseminating what we already know, and driving change. Supporting AFFIRM's work will help achieve the program's goal of decreasing gun deaths by 50% in the next 5 years.

Support Affirm

Supporting Refugees in Times of Crisis
Corner of Love: Submitted by Tanya Mroczek-Amador, Central America Leadership Initiative
Corner of Love

From Tanya: “So many of us consider ourselves world-citizens and have been advocating for people groups around the globe for years. Giving to Corner of Love is acting on that same feeling, lifting up Nicaraguans and Latin American refugees who face the holidays with no country to call home.”

Corner of Love is a growing international mission that has been serving Nicaraguans since 1992. Today, the program cares for refugees in Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, United States, and elsewhere. Since the start of the humanitarian crisis in Nicaragua in 2018, Corner of Love served more than 9,600 displaced Nicaraguans through its Mobile Clinics, new Refugee Relief Centers, Nutrition Program, and Education Assistance.

Support Corner of Love

Unifying India Through Theater
Drama School Mumbai: Submitted by Jehan Mannekshaw, Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellowship
Drama School Mumbai

From Jehan: "In founding this organization to fuel the development of a professional theatre ecosystem in India, I have witnessed the transformative power of theatre on people's lives first hand. Not just those who work in it, but the lives of whom they touch with the stories they create. By making participation in acts of theatre an integral part of the everyday person's experience, we can shift the needle in each individual - however slightly - toward empathy, listening, reflecting, communing, and connecting to others. I do this because I want a more humane, enlightened and authentic society for all of us."

Theatre and storytelling are a binding force for communities, a space for truth to emerge through conflict of ideas and for communities to exercise empathy. In a diverse and fragmented society like India, theatre has the potential to act as a bridge and unify people through powerful storytelling. Drama School Mumbai seeks to act as a sectoral transformation engine for theatre and its allied creative industries. It seeks to do so by training theatre professionals who can create stories, accessible to all, which will maximize the cultural power of theatre and its role in the improvement of society.

Support Drama School Mumbai

Ensuring Everyone Reaches Their Potential Regardless of Age or Disability
Easterseals: Submitted by Angela Williams, Henry Crown Fellowship

From Angela: "Thank you for considering a gift to help assure that Easterseals can continue to respond to the ever increasing needs of individuals and families who need us throughout America as we conclude our 100th year of impact and are poised for our second century of service."

For 100 years, Easterseals has served as an indispensable resource for the one in four people living with disability today including children, adults, veterans and seniors – and the people who care for them. Together, Easterseals’ 70 Affiliates in communities nationwide serve 1.5M people annually by delivering high-quality programs including autism services, early intervention, assistive technology, workforce development, mental health services, adult day care, and more. In schools, workplaces and communities, Easterseals is fostering environments where everyone is included and valued — with a real and positive impact on us all. We invite you to support Easterseals to ensure that everyone – regardless of age or ability – is 100% included and 100% empowered to realize their potential. Your donation will be matched up to $100,000 until the end of the year by Amway, a proud supporter of Easterseals for 35 years.

Support Easterseals

Creating an Equitable School System for Students with LD/ADHD
Eye to Eye: Submitted by David Flink, Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship
Eye to Eye

From David: "At Eye to Eye, we have a mantra of 'more students, more schools.' Today, we are excited to share with you a plan that will enable us to reach hundreds of thousands of identified middle schoolers while continuing to grow our national movement of young leaders. Together this will create a more equitable school system."

Nearly one million capable students with learning and attention differences (LD/ADHD) are failing in our schools today leading them to exit the system on a path towards failure throughout life, and it affects us all due to an increased burden on our social systems and the lost potential of what these capable individuals could contribute. Eye to Eye has a 20-year history of student-centered and evidence-based programming focused on social emotional skill development - a critically important skill set for students with LD/ADHD. The program is embarking on an ambitious five-year growth plan to reach 25% of all middle school students with LD/ADHD on Individualized Education Plans (IEP) or 504 Plans. 

Support Eye to Eye

Engaging Henry Crown Fellowship Alumni
Henry Crown Fellowship Alumni: Submitted by Tonya Hinch and Esther Turner, Henry Crown Fellowship
HCF Alumni

From Tonya and Esther: “Many of you have heard that Lester Crown has seeded our new endowment for alumni engagement with $1MM a year for 10 years starting January 2020. In order to allow the endowment to grow, we will NOT touch one dollar of interest for five years. Our vision is to spend as much on the Alumni focused on Impact, Inspiration, and Interconnectivity. Although we have Lester’s gift, we do not want to wait five years to move forward with our efforts, initiatives, and events. Therefore, we will raise $600K per year for the alumni engagement operating budget, which is completely separate from the active two-year Fellowship experience. If you’d like to contribute to our alumni efforts, you can donate here or contact us anytime. We could not have done any of this without you all. We thank you immensely for all that you do to make this world a better place!”

“We have been proud of the impact that the Henry Crown Fellowship has had on today’s leaders and in turn their impact in their respective communities. We see this next step of focusing on alumni engagement as a way to continue to increase the impact of the Fellows. I know my dad, Henry Crown, would be proud and pleased.” – Lester Crown, Chairman Emeritus, Henry Crown and Company

Support HCF Alumni Engagement

Accelerating Diversity on Corporate Boards
Him for Her: Submitted by Jocelyn Mangan, Henry Crown Fellowship
Him for Her

From Jocelyn: "When I told my kids (ages 7 and 9) about my venture, they asked, "What is a board?" I thought about it and replied: 'The boss of the bosses.' Despite best intentions from investors, executives and consumers, still only 1 in 5 directors is a woman. And, through my daily work, including our dinner series, we know without a doubt there is no pipeline problem. It's simply a visibility and marketplace problem. I wake up every day wanting more of these incredible women to be seen, so that in turn, they can lead (and be bosses!)."

Him For Her is a social impact business aimed at accelerating diversity on corporate boards. It engages leading “Hims” to introduce the world’s most talented “Hers” to board service. Since its founding in May 2018, Him For Her has made more than a thousand valuable introductions to board-ready women through its curated dinners, hosted by business luminaries. For CEOs looking to build their boards, Him For Her taps its growing network to identify exceptional candidates who can bring new competencies to the boardroom. Him For Her board referrals are provided free-of-charge, and our work is supported by the generous contributions of donors and sponsors. 

Support Him for Her

Leveraging Social Science for Social Good
Knology: Submitted by Adam Wasserman, Finance Leaders Fellowship

From Adam: “Living in what sometimes seems to be a post-facts world, it is heartening to see an organization focused on rigorously harnessing data to help improve our environment, health, and cultural institutions.”

Knology is a collective of scientists, writers, and educators dedicated to studying and untangling complex social issues. Their mission is to leverage social science, for the social good -- providing rigorous tools and analysis to not-for-profit and public sector institutions devoted to improving the biosphere, wellness, and culture. Recent research has included focusing on equity and inclusion in nature, improving human rights education, and developing intervention strategies to pre-arm individuals to confront threats in their pursuit of healthy practices. Knology has worked to provide social science research to a number of important institutions, such as the American Library Association, the Hispanic Information Television Network, the National Wildlife Federation, Latino Outdoors, the New England Aquarium, the National Network for Ocean & Climate Change Interpretation, and PBS NewsHour. Given Knology's relatively small size (with an annual budget of under $2M), any donations will have an oversized impact. 

Support Knology

Producing Breakthroughs for Neurodegenerative and Autoimmune Diseases
Project BIG: Submitted by Lily Sarfan, Henry Crown Fellowship
Project BIG

From Lily: "By flipping the conventional research model inside out, Project BIG is producing a unique and powerful multiplier effect that will lead to accelerated impact and answers for Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological and immunological conditions. Neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases are exploding in prevalence and cost; we need to further advance the arc of scientific knowledge as it relates to the brain, the microbiome, the broader immune system and their intersections. With my passion for precision health and my own health journey in hand, I'm helping to unlock the mysteries of the Brain-Immune-Gut axis. I'm grateful to be a part of such an important cause."

Only in recent years have we recognized that the classically separate domains of neurology, immunology and microbiology are interconnected in such profound ways. The answers to complex diseases like Multiple Sclerosis rest in our understanding of these interconnections. Project BIG is the only collaboration and research initiative of its kind. Leveraging the unique interdisciplinary ethos and world-class human capital of Stanford University and Stanford Health Care, Project BIG will produce clinical and scientific breakthroughs for MS and other neurological and autoimmune diseases. 

Support Project Big

Empowering Dreamers' Voices 
Student DREAMers Alliance: Submitted by Adela Mendoza, Liberty Fellowship

From Adela: "Three years ago, at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum, I made a pledge to 'Build leadership development and self-discovery opportunities for 100 emerging leaders by 2020 to prepare them to collaborate and lead across cultures.' With the goal of empowering the next generation of leaders, the SDA was born. This fall we have welcomed our 4th Class of Dreamers, and by the summer of 2020 we will surpass our goal having empowered over 100 exceptional young leaders in South Carolina."

The Student DREAMers Alliance (SDA) is a youth leadership accelerator designed to empower and magnify voices of Dreamers, in order to increase awareness of education inequity and advocate for changes in state legislation to achieve equal access to public, post-secondary education for all youth. SDA is requesting everyone to share this video to elevate the voices of DREAMers and encourage donations this holiday season, so that we can expand SDA to new schools. All donations made before December 31st will be matched 100% up to $25,000. 

Support SDA

Transitioning Orphans to a Successful Adulthood
Transición a la Vida: Submitted by Patricia Planells, Central America Leadership Initiative

From Patricia: "I am a strong believer that every young person, regardless of where she/he comes from, has great growth potential that many are not aware of. Their future is conditioned in the context in which they were born - abandonment. I have been able to witness how young people in the worst psychological and academic conditions manage to get ahead of their peers with the right mentoring, not only do they perform excellent personally and professionally, but also contribute positively in society."

Transición a la Vida is an initiative to help youth who need assistance transitioning from orphanages into society. While orphanages provide shelter for children in a strict environment with rules and restrictions, this often results in young adults who lack self-esteem, identity, resilience, social and decision- making skills. The organization's mission is to support high-risk youth and those placed in orphanages to successfully transition into adult life and society by providing them with the necessary tools. The tools are given through a two-year training program tailored to address the problem areas identified in our research: the personal, professional, spiritual and academic dimensions of a person's life.

Support Transición a la Vida
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