Tips on Working From Home

As we navigate and continue to work through this difficult time, many of us are discovering the challenges (and best practices!) for teleworking and working remotely. This is a thread to share discoveries you've made as an individual, but also as leaders for your company or organization.  
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From a few Henry Crown Fellows: 

On working remotely- these were my requests of the team: 

1. Practice the technology first for a test run. Don’t wait to figure it all in the meeting.  

1a. If it video doesn’t work after ten minutes, jump on the call-in. Don’t assume mtg is cancelled.  

2. Consider everyone be on video just for  ‘working hours’, not a meeting, where you are all together with audio to be available to each other if needed. Maybe one hour in am and/or one hour in pm when you’d all normally be in the office. Trying to re-create office /water cooler brilliance.  

2b. If you can’t do video, everyone check in on a group chat (Slack/WhatsApp) at a certain time, regularly, to connect.  

3. For meetings - everyone on everyone on video or no one on video  Preferably everyone.  

4. Use a headset.  

5. Stick with an agenda during a remote meeting and share it. Always good practice, but even more important when you can get lost in the ‘conversation’.  

6. Remind folks to use mute when they are not speaking.  

Try these tips - they are good! 

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