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Having family on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic at Los Angeles-area hospitals, Elizabeth Faraut and Emily Kane Miller first heard that local hospitals were facing a critical shortage of lifesaving PPE in mid-March, before this information was widely known to the public.  They knew that they had to help.
With extensive experience in philanthropy and the nonprofit and private sectors, Elizabeth and Emily quickly mobilized their networks to start gathering information on the scale of the shortage, what types of PPE were needed and where, and how they could quickly procure it. As two moms who’ve built their businesses from the ground up, Elizabeth and Emily are accustomed to solving problems nimbly and delivering impressive outcomes while juggling their personal and professional lives – qualities that have made them ideal leaders of these efforts.
Many sleepless nights later, Elizabeth and Emily have transformed the Emergency Supply Donor Group (ESDG) from an idea to a fiscally-sponsored, tax-exempt charitable venture that’s delivering needed resources to Los Angeles County hospitals in real time.
Today – with generous support from our donors: HSAC, Peter Lowy, Tieks, and Aspiration – ESDG's efforts are bringing life-saving Face Shields for LAC+USC healthcare workers. 
But this is just the beginning. Through their work, they’ve learned that connecting the dots gift by gift, need by need, is simply not sustainable. To scale their efforts, today, they are launching the Greater Hospital of Los Angeles Registry – a free online tool for every hospital in LA County to share their needs in real time, and be connected to the vendors and donors who can help them meet their goals. So 5 of the major Los Angeles hospitals are on board and they have the support of state legislators who will be sharing this valuable resource with their constituents.
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Elizabeth Faraut is the Creative Director and CEO of LA LOOP, an eyewear business based in Los Angeles that has a cult-brand following in the US, Europe and Asia. Over the last 20 years, Elizabeth has developed key relationships with manufacturers and suppliers in Asia. Elizabeth is passionate about her community, and serves as President of the Board of Advisors for the Rape Treatment Center at Santa Monica-UCLA Hospital and on the board of the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles. Elizabeth is a 2015 Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute and a member of the Global Leadership Action Network at the Aspen Institute.
Emily Kane Miller is the Founder and CEO of Ethos Giving, a philanthropic services firm based in Los Angeles. She launched the firm after running The Wonderful Company’s award-winning philanthropic portfolio for almost a decade. With deep experience in government, advocacy, nonprofit, corporate, and philanthropic work, Emily has a unique ability to envision and steward philanthropic contributions that maximize benefit and value for all.  

Greater Los Angeles Hospital Registry (GLA Hospital Registry) is a project of ESDG. The GLA Hospital Registry is a free online service that was created to streamline donations to Los Angeles County’s medical centers and hospitals. In partnership with the philanthropic platform Givvor, GLA Hospital Registry allows any hospital in Los Angeles County to list and quantify its specific needs, and to share that information with any community member, group or company that wants to help.
Hospitals, donors and vendors in Los Angeles County are invited to participate in the GLA Hospital Registry by signing up here.

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