Leading In An Era Of Globalization - 2017/18 Seminar Highlights

We believe that being a leader today's complex and ever-changing world requires, among other things, the ability to see challenges from many perspectives and be supported by a group of peers that will help keep you oriented towards your true north. That belief runs through every class in every Fellowship program that is part of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

However, with over 2,700 Fellows in 56 countries around the world, it can be difficult to make meaningful connections beyond one's class or Fellowship. That's why in 2010, we launched the Leading in an Era of Globalization mixer seminar as part of the curriculum for most AGLN Fellowships. These seminars are vital to bringing the power of the AGLN to life — offering Fellows inspiration, resources, and another set of peers that can help inform their perspectives, work, and Fellowship ventures.

We just wrapped up the 2017/18 Globalization seminar cycle, so let's look back on what made this year's gatherings so special. 

The Panama cohort around the Seminar table. 

This cycle connected 151 Fellows from 24 countries, across seven Fellowships. Fellows found that these cross-Fellowship seminar groups provided a great diversity of viewpoints around the table, but also made them feel interconnected, regardless of Fellowship or home country.  


"It was enriching. The diversity was great, but what I found more rewarding was the similarities," said Henry Crown Fellow, Dwayne Bernal, who attended the seminar in South Africa. "Seeing that there are other people out there in the world equally yoked in solving the world's most complex problems makes me feel less overwhelmed and alone in doing so."

The South Africa cohort exploring Robben Island. 
One of the Aspen Cohorts participating in a team building activity to break the ice.
Fellows in the Hong Kong cohort during a hike of the Ma On Shan Trail.

Along with the diverse viewpoints around the seminar table, a mix of classic readings such as Desmond Tutu's "No Future Without Forgiveness" and new selections like, "The Cobalt Pipeline", by Todd C. Frankel, and, "What’s Wrong with Democracy", from the Economist, helped spark discussion about the challenges of leadership in the world today. 

Here is a sampling of this year's Globalization reading list available online: 


With each unique seminar location, there was also the opportunity to get proximate with the local culture, as well as connect with alumni Fellows along the way. For example, Fellows attending the seminar in Damdama Lake, India participated in Holi, or "the festival of colors", a traditional Hindu holiday that marks the end of winter. While in South Carolina, Fellows paid a visit to Liberty Fellow Bill Stanfield's venture "Metanoia" — a group helping local neighborhoods build leaders and generate economic opportunity — inspiring Fellows to dive deeper into their own ventures. 

Moderators Chris Varelas and James Abraham enjoying a Holi celebration near James' home in Damdama Lake, India.



The South Carolina cohort at the end of their seminar experience. 
"I feel a deep connection to everyone around the room. It is obvious that there are no accidents and my life has been enriched by these new relationships," said Liberty Fellow, Michelle Logan-Owens, who attended seminar in India.

The experiences offered by the 2017/18 Globalization cycle left participants feeling more connected and ready to continue their work towards building "The Good Society". And if the activity to on the Fellows' WhatsApp groups are any indication, those connections will continue to grow and follow them well into the future! 


A Note for Alumni Fellows:  


Want to engage in the next round of Globalization seminars? Alumni have two opportunities to get involved!  

  • If a seminar is coming to your home, connect with the AGLN team to learn about opportunities to connect with new Fellows and share your local culture and ongoing work with the cohort. 
  • If you're looking to experience the seminar for yourself, certain locations have spots available for alumni participants. Email Willow Darsie for more information.
Check out the locations for the upcoming 2018-2019 Cycle: 
  • Aspen, Colorado December 7-12, 2018 
  • Sai Kung, Hong Kong January 13-18, 2019 
  • Athens, Greece February 3-8, 2019 
  • Panama City, Panama February 18-23, 2019 
  • Oxford, United Kingdom February 28 - March 5, 2019 
  • Stellenbosch, South Africa March 4-9, 2019

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