Tips To Search And Connect On The AGLN App


One feature of the new AGLN App is the ability to search, browse and connect with Fellows across the Network. To utilize the power of this feature to its fullest potential, read on: 

1. Go to the navigation menu and tap "Find Fellows". Here, you can choose to search based on:  
  • Program 
  • Connection Information with "Search Fellows" 
  • Venture information with "Search Ventures" 
2. There are two ways to search within the "Find Fellows" function: 
  • Tap "Browse Fellows by Program" to search Fellows by program
  • Tap "Search Fellows" to:
    • Use the keyword search bar to find and connect with Fellows by any keywords 
    • Tap the "Refine your search" button to access the refined search filters drop down menu 
      • You can search by first name, last name, program, location, and more!
Note: Connection Information and Venture Information is self reported. To utilize the filtered search options, we need as many Fellows as possible to update this new profile information. If you haven't updated your profile information with our newly launched enhanced profile fields, see our quick tips on how to do so.  

3. Your search results: 
  • Viewing filtered search: To maintain your filtered search settings in your results, scroll past the refined search filters or tap "Refine your search" to collapse the refined search fields and view Fellows. 
  • To clear filters: Tap the sub filter you originally selected or the "Clear Filters" button to bring you back to an unfiltered Network directory. 


4. Connection: 
  • Once you've identified a Fellow you'd like to connect with, tap their profile to see their contact information and start a line of communication! Happy connecting! 

For more information on the AGLN App, check out this post.

Download the App for iOS and for Android
Posted by Samantha Cherry on Jul 18, 2018 1:35 PM America/Denver