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Calling for a Moral Revolution 
In Partnership with the McNulty Foundation

While we know that many of our current institutions have run their course, we have not reimagined what we need next. Will you join the Moral Revolution and build the new world? Featured interview with author, CEO of Acumen, and Henry Crown Fellow Jacqueline Novogratz  

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The Moral Challenges We Are Leading Through

Behind every action, there’s a decision, behind every decision there are values. This session will be an intimate discussion on the hard - and often very uncomfortable - leadership decisions we needed to make throughout the multiple and ongoing crises of 2020.

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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
In Partnership with Paul Hastings LLP & Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

Crises over the last year have highlighted how systems need to be redesigned and rebuilt due to acute failures of today and long-standing failures that have plagued generations. Hear spark talks from leaders in their respective fields on what they're doing to solve the greatest challenges of our time. 

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A Love Letter to the Next Generation

If you sat down to write a love letter to your great-great-grandchildren, what would it say about the world you hope for them, and your role in creating it? This session will feature inter-generational conversations on where we go from here and how to turn pain into love.

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Committment to Action 
At the Action Forum, hundreds of leaders made Action Pledges: public commitments to the community that put their values to work to create positive societal change. Here are a few of the pledges made this year:
I will scale the impact of my Aspen venture, currently educating 4,500 children in 76 schools in Bangalore every year, for free, in English and computer literacy, to reach over 10,000 children every year, over the next 
three years.
I will improve psychological resilience for 1 million people in the U.S. by 2022.
I will deliver an accessible and accredited organisational governance training programme across Africa that can provide tools to enable the next generation of stewards to transform the continent.
I will amplify and center the racial civic leadership and power of 10,000 Black, Latinx, and Indigenous youth within the United States by 2025.
I will continue working to create 5,000 new jobs for people previously involved in violence in El Salvador by 2024.
We [Paul Hastings LLP] pledge to combat modern slavery by partnering with at least ten global financial institutions to develop targeted due diligence processes to disrupt the financial flows that sustain and finance the perpetrators of this global violation of human rights.
I will produce an online video series to reach an audience of 5 million that aims to build cross-cultural bridges amongst youth in China and the U.S. by 2022.
In my new role, I pledge to use my platform as CEO of S&P Dow Jones Indices to promote more inclusive diversity and inclusion leadership in financial services.
Through the Global Inclusive Growth Partnership, I will launch the Global Inclusive Growth Spark Grants to provide catalytic funding to critical initiatives led by AGLN Fellows that reimagines more inclusive economic futures for all.

Virtual Connection and Collaboration 
While not being able to gather in person, we used two new platforms to create intimate conversations and serendipitous connection opportunties. Read about Seminars and and the AGLN Collaboratory on Remo below.
Seminars in

Translating the classic Aspen Institute seminar experience into the virtual space was made possible with partnership from 2014 Henry Crown Fellow Dan Hoffmann and his virtual convening platform Inspired by his Fellowship experience, Dan founded specifically to bring fellowship-level connection and transformative dialogue into the digital world. With this technology, more than 350 leaders from 35 countries enjoyed seminars from their living rooms, offices, and kitchens and were able to take time to pause and reflect on their values, leadership, and greatest challenges. Readings included "Continue," by Maya Angelou, "Once the World Was Perfect," by Joy Harjo, “Sentence,” by Tadeusz Dąbrowski. Check out the readings here.

The AGLN Collaboratory on Remo

The AGLN Collaboratory created a virtual central “Hub” where you leaders could gather following sessions to reconnect with familiar faces, meet other Fellows for the first time, or discover new opportunities to collaborate. The space was made of virtual “tables” inside the platform Remo. Fellows submitted ideas and issues they wanted to host discussions around. Through these conversations, new connections and collaboration opportunities surfaced to forward one another's work. Topics included: This space provided the opportunity for class and seminar reunions. Lebanon Relief, Resilient Housing, Mental Health For All During and Post-Covid, Capitalism Astray, Inclusive Growth, Race, Pain and Leadership, and more.

Youth Action Forum 
In addition to adult participants, the Action Forum provided the opportunity to reconnect and refresh for 150 global youth. These youth participants joined the plenary "Calling for a Moral Revolution" and then continued the conversation in age-based breakout groups.

To continue the Action Forum experience, youth participants also received the Youth Action Forum conversation guide. The guide includes the 2020 Action Forum readings, reading-level and language support, reflection questions, and conversation questions to have a seminar-level discussion at your own kitchen table. We encourage youth participants to dive into the readings and consider how they can bring their learnings and reflections out into the world around them.
More Offerings 
We're excited to share the following offers to continue to make space to pause, reflect, and now that the Action Forum has concluded.
The AGLN Wellbeing Library

We're excited to offer you resources to take pause and make room for your wellbeing even after the Action Forum concludes with the Wellbeing Library. You'll find recordings of Mind, Body, Spirit Sessions, a virtual hike, and more.

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Resources for Living and Leading

With our resources for Living and Leading, we create brave spaces of shared meaning to help people become more self-aware, more self-correcting, and more self-fulfilling. We offer the following curated selection of content and experiences to refresh your heart, stimulate your mind, and increase the bonds of humanity as we strive to live and lead in uncertain times.

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Upcoming Gatherings

We learned a lot about creating unique and powerful virtual convenings with and our other platforms this week. We're excited to continue to deliver programming to bring the power of the network to life throughout the fall. Full event schedule coming soon.

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