Highlights From The 2018/19 Leading In An Era Of Globalization Seminar Cycle

This year’s Leading in an Era of Globalization seminar cohorts gathered in six unique locations around the world to pause and reflect on their roles as leaders in an increasingly globalized world. From Hong Kong to Panama, 121 Fellows from 12 countries and seven Fellowships were met for the first time and were introduced to a diverse range of viewpoints around the table leading to enriching discussions and great new friendships. 

Read on to see highlights from this year’s seminar cycle including meaningful connections made, new readings from this cycle’s curriculum and a challenge from one cohort to take collective action. 
Connecting in New Landscapes

Fellows in the Athens cohort from across the Network including Africa Leadership 
Initiative-South Africa, China Fellowship Program, Central America Leadership Initiative, Henry Crown Fellowship, and Finance Leaders Fellowship exploring the Aegean Coast.

"This globalization seminar has opened my eyes to the different realities that each of us faces in our countries, and at the same time the similarities in who we are as people and what we strive for,” – Liza Dreszer, Central America Leadership Initiative Fellow, Athens Cohort. 

South Africa Cohort Fellows enjoying a little conversation and scenery while on top of Table Mountain.
South Africa

"We come from different backgrounds and experiences, we leave stronger and better equipped to effect change for good as opposed to working only within our narrow vacuums of “what we knew”. – Mike Reichenbach, Liberty Fellow, South Africa Cohort

What We Read

Each day, Fellows explored the different facets of Globalization including economics, technology, global values, the environment, and their own leadership. If you’re interested in reading some of the new selections, check them out online below:  Participants also enjoyed classic favorites such as Gooseberries by Anton Checkov and No Future Without Forgiveness by Desmond Tutu.

The Oxford Cohort discussing their "Gooseberries" moments around the seminar table at the historic Rhodes House in Oxford, UK.
“The seminar challenged me as a leader. Sharing with people who are doing amazing things across the globe has inspired me to do more. I'm grateful and leave re-energized knowing that I have a large network to create a positive impact in my region, but also connected to leaders who share the same values and are tackling challenging issues.” – Marcela Silva, Central America Leadership Initiative, Oxford Cohort

Personal Leadership and Venture Challenge Sessions

Away from the seminar table, Fellows participated in small group sessions that allowed them to explore venture challenges as well as personal leadership challenges. 

Finance Leaders Fellow, Tilly Franklin, China Fellow, Grace Ge, and Africa Leadership Initiative-South Africa Fellow, Lerato Molefe connected on the challenges of being a female in a leadership role during their small group break out session in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
“The seminar has given me a huge boost both in confidence and with specific ideas for the continued development of my venture and has led to some connections which I am sure will last a lifetime.” – Tilly Franklin, Finance Leaders Fellow, Hong Kong Cohort

Collective Action and New Connections

After reading the new selection Losing Earth the Aspen cohort, the first of this year’s cycle, were moved to think about what they could be doing collectively for the environment. On the final day of the seminar, the Fellows created a pledge to reduce their environmental impact by eliminating single-use plastics in their offices and participate in “Meatless Mondays”. They then challenged the following cohorts in this cycle to embark on their own collective action pledges. 

Fellows in Aspen, CO with their printed and signed collective action challenge.
“I am struck by the common sense of humanity displayed by such a diverse group of individuals from different parts of the world, and I am absolutely invigorated to take action now.” – Liberty Fellowship, John Florence, Aspen Cohort

In response to this challenge and inspired by the Central America Leadership Initiative Fellows coming from the region, the Athens cohort came together in support of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Nicaragua. 

“The pro-Nicaraguan group collective action would not have been possible were not for this seminar. There is hope that the participants will surely take the experience with them in order to impact, not only in their own countries, but around the world!” – Boniswa Mzimba, Africa Leadership Initiative-South Africa Fellow, Athens Cohort

Besides the opportunity for collective action and collaboration, Fellows left seminars with an overwhelming sense of comradery and support from their new cohorts. 

Fellows from the Panama Cohort taking some time to talk outside the seminar room while exploring the Panama Canal. 

"The readings, discussions and overall AGLN methodology inspired enormous reflection and high-impact thinking that will shape the direction of my life for years to come, not to mention friendships that I plan to build on far beyond Panama City." Lily Sarafan, Henry Crown Fellow, Panama Cohort
Globalization Mosaic

From these testimonials and photos, and your own Fellowship experience, you can see how the power of the network clearly manifests itself at the Leading in an Era of Globalization seminars.

See who participated and connect with the Fellows here. You can also follow the links below to see each Fellowship class in the cycle:
About the Leading in Era of Globalization Seminars

Offered each year since 2011 as a core part of the Aspen Institute’s Fellowship experience, the “Leading in an Era of Globalization” seminar connects Fellows across our growing worldwide network. The seminar explores how increased interconnectedness influences our world and the choices we make as leaders in our organizations, our communities, our families and our lives.
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