Announcing The 2019 Class Of The Finance Leaders Fellowship


Twenty-two highly successful leaders ready to leverage their success and existing platforms to broaden their impact have been named to the 2019 class of the Finance Leaders Fellowship. Fellows across classes represent various sectors within the industry from around the world including FinTech, banking, asset management, debt and equity investing, credit cards, commercial real estate, operational finance, pensions, endowments, and regulation, among others. 

The Fellows in the 2019 Class are:
  • Abhijit Bose, Head of India, WhatsApp, Bangalore, India
  • Alessandra Genco, CFO, Leonardo, Rome, Italy
  • Amy Lenander, Senior Vice President, Head of International and UK CEO, Capital One, London, UK
  • Ann Gugino, Senior Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis, Target, Minneapolis, MN
  • Carolina de Onis, General Counsel, Teacher Retirement System of Texas, Austin TX
  • Claudia Cordioli, Managing Director, Head Western & Southern Europe, Swiss Reinsurance Company, Zurich Switzerland
  • David Levi, Managing Partner, Brookfield Asset Management and CEO, Brookfield Public Securities Group, New York, NY
  • Dennis K. Berman, Managing Director, Lazard, New York, NY
  • Hamdiya Ismaila, General Manager, Ghana Venture Capital Trust Fund, Accra, Ghana
  • Jamil Anderlini, Editor – Asia Pacific, The Financial Times, Hong Kong
  • Jeff Wong, Global Chief Innovation Officer, EY Global, Palo Alto, CA
  • Jerome Itty, Regional Head, Asia, AXA Partners, Hong Kong
  • June Kim, Director, Global Equity, CalSTRS, West Sacramento, CA
  • Kevin Brennan, Head of Investment Research Analytics and Implementation, Bridgewater Associates, Westport, CT
  • Krissy Wright, Vice President and Business Unit CFO, Medtronic, Minneapolis, MN
  • Laurence Latimer, Head of Ventures, IEX Group, New York, NY
  • Leslie J. (Anderson) Rutland, U.S. and International Head of Workplace Experience Technology, BMO Financial Group, Chicago, IL
  • Malcolm Fair, Managing Director, RisCura, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Melissa Smith, Managing Director and Head of Specialized Industries for Middle Market Banking, JP Morgan, New York, NY
  • Mina Pacheco Nazemi, Managing Director, Alternative Investments, Barings, Charlotte, NC
  • Rodrigo Garcia, Deputy State Treasurer & Chief Investment Officer, Illinois State Treasury, Springfield, IL
  • Tucker Bartlett, Executive Vice President, Self-Help, Durham, NC
Posted by Ashley Sillaro on May 22, 2019 8:50 AM America/Denver
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