Announcing The 2019 Class Of China Fellows


Today, we are happy to announce the seventh class of China Fellows! The Aspen China Fellowship Program seeks to build a more progressive, prosperous, good society in an increasingly globalized world community. The Fellowship seeks to energize the private sector business leaders of the Greater China region to step up to this challenge in a meaningful fashion. All 20 Fellows in this class are proven leaders from the private sector who have reached a point in their lives where, having achieved success, they are ready to apply their creative talents and skill sets to building a better society.

The China Fellows for Class VII are:
  • Jing An: President, 58 Freight
  • Christina Bao: Deputy Head of Market Development Division & Head of Global Issuer Services (Managing Director), Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
  • Alison Chan: Managing Director, New Frontier Group
  • Scott Chen: Partner & Managing Director, TPG
  • Allen Fang: President, Chinatrans International Limited
  • Vanessa Gao: Founder & CEO, The Jiangmen
  • Jessica Hao: Founder, Fangjing Studio
  • Eddie Huang: Associate CEO, SF Group
  • Andy Lin: Chairman & Founding Partner, Loyal Valley Investments
  • Terence Loh: CEO, Novena Global Lifecare
  • Jian Pan: Vice Chairman, CATL
  • Autumn Qiu: Chief Operating Officer, Business Development Accelerator, McKinsey & Company
  • Sam Sun: Founder & Chairman, Happy Deeds Charity Foundation
  • Tao Tang: Partner, Eastern Bell Capital
  • Jason Tian: Founder & CEO, HappyLife Holding Corporation
  • Xuan Tian: Associate Dean/Cheung Kong Scholar Distinguished professor/JD Capital Chair Professor of Finance, PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University
  • Joey Wat: CEO, Yum China
  • Douglas Woo: Chairman & Managing Director, Wheelock and Company Limited
  • Johnson Yeh: Managing Director & CEO of Asia, Riot Games
  • Henry Yin: Partner, Cooley LLP
Posted by Katherine Hurley on Jun 17, 2019 9:29 AM America/New_York
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